Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sneakin' in Some Trippin'

I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but we didn't do a ton of far and wide traveling this summer. The reason is three-fold: 1) Fabulous friends and family came to see *us*; b) We're always flat broke so vacations require years of notice; and 3) We completely forgot from four years ago that having a baby in between the ages of zero and 2 is HARD, and leaving the comforts of home (and the fully stocked beer fridge) is a fate worse than death. But like the other things I previously mentioned, summer just wouldn't be summer without a tiny bit of trippin'. And what better place to go than Jacob's favorite?

 A walk in the clouds on top of the Beartooth Mountains.

 Clouds, and some haze from the sputtering-out summer fires.

 This guy's routine was hardly disturbed.

 And was more than ready to head home with Zo. And then she told him about Louis and Durbin.

 Are we hiking or in the middle of a modeling shoot?


Hashtag: she got it from her mama.

Shortly after our jaunt, the highway closed for the season, already getting the first of what is supposed to be record-breaking snow allegedly due to El Nino (because if you haven't received the memo, it's 2000 again).

Of course you can never know what the next year - or even this coming winter - will bring, we just hope for fond memories such as these. (Dr. Seuss must be seeping into my subconscious...)