Sunday, November 1, 2015

Saying So Long to Summer

Our scorching summer days are behind us, but only just barely as September 25th reached 101-degrees, and Trick-or-Treating was done in a balmy 60-ish degrees.

The past few weeks we mistakenly predicted it would be the last summer-ish few days, only to experience 95-degree temperatures soon thereafter. So we snatched up the opportunity and saw summer out the Montana Roadtrippin' way.

We can't say farewell to summer without bidding adieu to the Oasis water park. Literally within walking distance, I don't think we could call ourselves true Billings-ites without making at least one more trip to the watering hole.

LOVES it! And gets pissed and doesn't understand why his pool options are limited.

 And no summer is complete without a trip to the Montana Fair.

 State Fair, Mommy-style.

 Zoey and I on the roller coaster.

 "Hey, you like pink? I love pink! Let's be best friends forever!"

 Our yearly tradition, on the carousel last year Zoey said to me, "Mom, can you please not hold on to me?" *SNIFF* My first baby didn't want me to hold her anymore so I went and got me a new baby. Who is more than happy to have me hold him.

And even the horse was too exciting, we needed to take things down a notch.

 The always-popular because you always win duck game.

They each got to choose a prize. What did they choose? But dogs, of course!

 A little throwback fun, Zoey's first trip to the Fair when she was just about Holden's age.

A dog prize; as if there was any other thing in our house.

 Bouncy House selfie!

It also wouldn't be summer if my friends and I didn't make our annual pilgrimage to Elkhorn, MT. It has become such a staple in our lives that we start planning in January and are plotting ways to make it longer, even after already extending it by one day. Since everyone was waiting on me to be finished having babies - CHECK! - we were able to go at our now-standard time of early August. While we ran into pleasant enough weather, we encountered gobs of unpredictable smoke, and the accompanying allergy attacks. Regardless, we had the usual ton of booze, ton of food, ton of laughs, ton of relaxation, and ton of can't waiting until next year.

 This is not fog, it's smoke.

Mr. Sun trying his damnest to shine for us.

 And then the blessed rains came.

 And CAME.

 And all was new again.

 The group-shot is a must, especially since we concluded that "our" tree has become giant since we started doing these Girls Weekends. Ironically, this is the most time and effort we put into anything all weekend, but always totally worth it.

 Even though it was back to life, it wasn't necessarily back to reality. With one week to go before school - the official closing of all water-related activities in the city (don't EVEN get me started!) - we were still able to pretend summer would last forever.

 Splash Pad Stud.

 Hmm, what does this button do?

Oh, *that!*

 We managed to stay entertained - or prepare for our circus show - at home, as well.

 A boy and his dog.

 You're completely heartless if you don't feel sorry for Durbin right now.

 Bitches be brunchin'! Debbie, Mer, and myself, enjoying some Sunday high-refinement.

 I think my mom - and now Mer and Debbie - has only ever known this about me: I love cups and saucers. I don't know why, I just am so enamored with them. I once bought one; just a random cup and saucer from Pier 1 that sat on my pre-teen dresser with nothing more ever in it than water. And sometimes weeks old water. That was around the time I started watching Days of Our Lives without being grossed out, most likely because I was too busy watching everyone maneuver their cups and saucers. That was probably what started it all - the desire for old-world glam - so I made sure to hold Debbie's cup and saucer just as Vivian Alamain taught me.

 And then before we knew it, it was fall.

Which comes with it's own set of fun.

This summer was different, the same, busy, slow, hard, fun, stressful, but most importantly, memorable; as they all are. We just consider ourselves fortunate to have another year under our belts.