Monday, August 31, 2015


While summertime is supposedly the time to "sit back and unwind," for us it feels like life is just getting revved up. Although, with school-sanctioned sports, activities, family vacations, camps, late nights, and summer jobs, I know very few people who actually feel the "sit back and unwind" part of summer. Only as you're flipping through your pictures the night before school starts do you realize that summer was as fun as it was busy.

With just under four weeks left of guaranteed nice-ish weather, we still have some fun to pack in. But here's how we've been enjoying the season thus far:

 On Father's Day, Jacob did whatever struck his fancy, even if that meant napping under his van. (He wasn't really but it sure does look like it.)

 I did my part to celebrate the holiday.

 Then it was the Fourth of (HOT) July.

 And we celebrated being able to kick back and have a cold one.

 And play with as many ladies as we want!

 Free to be you and me!

 I asked Zo, "We brought your swimming suit, why didn't you just put it on? Why did everyone get naked?" One of the other girls answered, "Because we can!" From then on out, everything was done sans clothing, like an episode of Game of Thrones. Ok, not exactly like that. And you'll never guess whose idea it was to take their clothes off....

Zo did manage to keep her suit on for the Oasis.

This was Holden's first time at Oasis - his second time at a water park in general - and he had a surprisingly fantastic time. This was before he could walk but was perfectly content doing his scoot-crawl thing all over the baby pool.

He was very interested in this, greatly exceeding even my wildest expectations.

On another, equally hot day, we met some other friends for splash-time at the Pioneer Park pool.

Sno Cone Man taking full advantage of the 100-plus-degree days.

Tryin' to catch us ridin' dirty.

 Louis didn't want to be left out of any summer BBQing goodness. He swiped this ear of corn as they were being grilled, we laughed, then took pictures. We think he eventually got irritated with the corn silk in his teeth and gave up, otherwise he would have gotten further with the cob. Ear of corn: 1. Louis: 0. Louis will bite a cow in the face but lose a battle to corn silk, who knew?

 The heat didn't stop us from anything scrumptious!

 And it was a good excuse to kick back and have yet another cold one.

 Go ahead and try to look this gorgeous while you eat ribs, I dare you.

 Pre-bedtime tea party.

 Just as cool indoors as we are outdoors!

 Our beginners garden! Carrots on the left, cucumbers on the right. I can't believe I put a seed in the ground, watered it, and something spouted!! To be honest, this was taken several weeks ago, things look a lot different now. For one, I had to buy a cute little white fence to put around it because fat, old, blind Louis spent his younger years killing everything that moved so now can't kill the one thing I *need* him of: the rabbit who spends an uneasy amount of time in our yard.

 When it was just too dang hot, we found things to do inside. Chalkboard wall = hashtag: best idea ever.

While this summer hasn't been particularly busy, we haven't exactly had a lot of time to just sit around on our laurels, either. We've done some tourist-in-our-own-town trippin', had some awesome friends and family stop by, and otherwise continued with life as it happens. That's all you can do.