Monday, July 6, 2015

Throes of Toddler-Dome

Well, not really; technically, this is just the beginning. But I can see it on the horizon!

It all started with this:


Holden is now a smidgen over 11-months old and this video was taken at 10-months, 2-weeks, beating his older sister in the walking derby by two weeks and four days.

(Here is Zoey's walking video for your awwww-moment of the day:

Since Holden took that leisurely stroll through the flowers in our backyard, he has decided that crawling is for suckers and walking is the only way to go. So I technically called it a month early but he's a toddler. But, as I said, a pre-toddler (worse than a pre-teen?), though full-fledged Terrible Two's are looming (Zoey entered her's at one-and-a-half). He walks everywhere with that diaper-causing, bow-legged clomp, is into everything, and throws tantrums when he's not allowed to play in the dog bowls, with the Lazy Susan cupboard, the toilet water, with any of the remote controls, or on the couch. But being the BOY that he is - that's right, I'm totally blaming Jacob since the guys supply the gender - he's had no trouble finding mischief with the things he *is* able to play with.

His security puppy. Like Suit has a special sleeve for Zoey, and B has a special corner for Libby, Puppy has a special ear for Holden.

He's decided that sitting next to the box is just not going to cut it.

He just thinks he's SO hilarious!

See the toy. Be the toy. (Whatever keeps him from yanking down my folded laundry.)

His favorite places to go are the ones you don't want him going.

As Holden gets older, more mobile, and more independent, he also becomes more interesting to Zoey; especially since he thinks she's the greatest thing since sliced bread and laughs at everything she does.

We've been going to the Play Place since Holden was in the tummy and someone is so happy to FINALLY be big enough to a) not get trampled by the bigger kids; and b) make the toys make music. And if there is one thing this baby LOVES it's music.

Already deciding on his own what he wants for dinner.

With a kitchen strainer and a Christmas stamp.

I speak very tongue-in-cheek. Toddler-hood is a difficult time, as is any phase when you're actively raising a child, but it's also a lot of fun and probably my favorite part of Zoey and Holden's lives so far. I love the ages from 2-4; they're still chubby and clumsy like babies, but walk and eat and try to form sentences, which is oftentimes better than TV. They're like mini drunk adults only way cuter, way less annoying, and it's not as embarrassing when they throw up in public.

Zoey has recently emerged from this blessed phase of life. Baby-fat free, she's tall, lanky, always hungry, and knows better than to throw a tantrum, unless she's overtired and then all hell breaks loose.

I love my little baby more than anything, but I'm excited to see and know and love the kid he'll soon be. For one, he's bound to only get cuter!!