Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pretending It's Summer When It's Not

As we're slogging through time, it can sometimes seem like it takes forever. Looking back, it, of course, seems like it was less than a blink of an eye so it's hard to believe that this little doll, Liberty Elizabeth, started chewing up and spitting out the world three whopping years ago.

She was the sweetest, quietest, cutest, little bundle who looked exactly like her big brother, Layne, when she was born, then quickly evolved to her Mommy - Rachael's - Mini-Me. At three years old, she's a cutie-pie diva with a heart of gold who will say, "Of course!" when you ask if you can play with one of her toys, loves pork chops, the special corner of her blankie, "B," and Hello Kitty. To celebrate her third birthday, Rachael organized a party at The Reef, an indoor water park because what else would you have in Montana but an indoor water park?

 She absolutely hated every minute of it.

Doin' what she does - leading the pack.

 Zoey all dressed up for the party.

She also had a horrible time.

 The water was a bit cool, especially since it was technically still winter outside, but Zoey has reached that point of childhood where she can't feel water temperature; if it's a pool, it's automatically fun and must be played in. Pool with a water slide? Forget about it.

 Holden wasn't too sure what to make of everything, and the water being a little cool didn't help his introduction to it. So him and daddy cruised for chicks...

...While Zoey, who eventually admitted she was getting cold, and I warmed up in the hot tub.

 Hashtag: babe-magnets.

 Holden was finally tolerant of the water when he was safely nestled in my lap in an inner-tube as we gently floated around the barely-there wave-pool. He was so ok with it that he just about fell asleep.

 After swimming, it was time for cake and presents.

 The look on Libby's face as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" is absolutely priceless. Also priceless is the look on my child's face at her cousin. Lord only knows what she was thinking...

 Libby with the frog, turtle-type thing that is, like, The Reef's mascot, or something.

The McIntyre-Metzler family just wouldn't be complete without Miss Liberty, and Jacob and I are proud to be her Aunt and Uncle. 

Fast or slow, as time moves on, we're excited to see Libby grow and change and witness her impact on the world. At least this year - thanks to her - we were given the opportunity to pretend it's summer when it's not! I wonder what else lies in her power...