Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pretending It's Summer When It's Not

As we're slogging through time, it can sometimes seem like it takes forever. Looking back, it, of course, seems like it was less than a blink of an eye so it's hard to believe that this little doll, Liberty Elizabeth, started chewing up and spitting out the world three whopping years ago.

She was the sweetest, quietest, cutest, little bundle who looked exactly like her big brother, Layne, when she was born, then quickly evolved to her Mommy - Rachael's - Mini-Me. At three years old, she's a cutie-pie diva with a heart of gold who will say, "Of course!" when you ask if you can play with one of her toys, loves pork chops, the special corner of her blankie, "B," and Hello Kitty. To celebrate her third birthday, Rachael organized a party at The Reef, an indoor water park because what else would you have in Montana but an indoor water park?

 She absolutely hated every minute of it.

Doin' what she does - leading the pack.

 Zoey all dressed up for the party.

She also had a horrible time.

 The water was a bit cool, especially since it was technically still winter outside, but Zoey has reached that point of childhood where she can't feel water temperature; if it's a pool, it's automatically fun and must be played in. Pool with a water slide? Forget about it.

 Holden wasn't too sure what to make of everything, and the water being a little cool didn't help his introduction to it. So him and daddy cruised for chicks...

...While Zoey, who eventually admitted she was getting cold, and I warmed up in the hot tub.

 Hashtag: babe-magnets.

 Holden was finally tolerant of the water when he was safely nestled in my lap in an inner-tube as we gently floated around the barely-there wave-pool. He was so ok with it that he just about fell asleep.

 After swimming, it was time for cake and presents.

 The look on Libby's face as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" is absolutely priceless. Also priceless is the look on my child's face at her cousin. Lord only knows what she was thinking...

 Libby with the frog, turtle-type thing that is, like, The Reef's mascot, or something.

The McIntyre-Metzler family just wouldn't be complete without Miss Liberty, and Jacob and I are proud to be her Aunt and Uncle. 

Fast or slow, as time moves on, we're excited to see Libby grow and change and witness her impact on the world. At least this year - thanks to her - we were given the opportunity to pretend it's summer when it's not! I wonder what else lies in her power...

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life As It Happens

I don't really have anything to say (I know, right?! Who am I and what have I done with the real Breanne?!), or anything to talk about. At least, that I *want* to talk about, so the following are moments in our life when I happened to have the camera in my hand.

 This winter hasn't been anything extraordinary; it's been pretty much what you'd expect from winter in Montana. This is the Yellowstone River on a particularly chilly February morning.

 I only like birds when they are this far away and getting farther. And I thought it would make for a cool picture.

 Part of the Yellowstone River. Or where it will be come Spring time.

 Keeping warm.

Side-funny: as you can see, she isn't at all related to Grandma Sally.

 Just gonna go ahead and continue with the bathrobe theme.

Coincidentally, Auntie Rachael gave this bathrobe to Zoey when she was a brand-new baby, not realizing it said, "Mommy's Little Prince." Clearly her purchase was inspired by divine intervention.

Everyone is snuggled in for story time (from an upside-down Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).
 Real men bathe in their big sister's pink bathtub.

 Discovering the simple joys of splashing water.

I've had it with this pink bathtub business, I'm outta here! (He has since acquired a blue bathtub because he will totally remember this and probably pinpoint it as the moment in his life when he knew he needed therapy as an adult.)

Thank you, thank you very much!

 Last month, Zoey finished her preschool book. Now it's on to kindergarten!

 Well, in her off-season. I got Jacob into watching Avalanche games, and Zoey enjoys watching them too. Although about 90-percent of the time, she uses them just to get out of going to bed. Since bringing home this stick and regulation puck, she's decided she wants to be a hockey player when she grows up (today it was hockey player/soccer player/tap dancer/ballerina). As my friend, Ali, would say: hashtag: raise 'em right.

 Or she just keeps her brother entertained.

 Related much?

We had specific Valentine's Day plans that ultimately imploded, and - given our history of less-than-ideal Valentine's Days - decided to just chuck the holiday altogether. Of course, we couldn't completely chuck it since cookie-baking is an integral part of the celebration, so these are our Everyday Love cookies.

 They call him Cookie Duuuuuuuuuddde!

When we left the house and I managed to remember the camera, this is what happened:

 Mer and I spent Super Bowl Sunday having breakfast at IHOP then shopping for a mutual friend's baby shower. Best part of my Super Bowl Sunday, for sure, especially since the commercials were surprisingly depressing. Thank God for the Puppy Bowl.

 For a few years now, I've been threatening to cut off all my hair. As you can see, I'm nothing but hot air. But I FINALLY got sick of it after finding it wrapped around pretty much everything, it would rat up into a huge knot simply from existing - pony tails were absolutely out of the question - and would give me headaches if I went too long without washing it, which was a chore in and of itself. So I made an appointment with the only hair stylist I know in town - who just happens to be Jacob's ex-girlfriend - and went from Kelly Kapowski...

 I donated this FOOT of hair to Locks of Love, then a few more inches came off for the style. She had to hack away at my braid, and when the haircut was all said and done she said her arms were tired!

 ....To (updated) Rachel Green! I am BEYOND pleased! I've had ALL of my hair in a clip, it's been years since I've been able to do that!!

 Friday Morning Books n' Babies at the library. I could tell Zoey was a bit bored, but she was fantastic at playing with all of the babies, and - as one mother nicely told me - playing nicely with everyone.

 Zoey, Meredith, and I went to our friend's baby shower, an awesomely-themed Dr. Seuss soiree to welcome her baby boy due in March.

 Also in celebration of Dr. Seuss - who knew he was such a happenin' dude? - we went back to the library for Story Time and Make n' Take Craft.

Is it just me, or does she totally look like the Cat in the Hat here?!

 We should start paying rent to the library because we went *back* when we heard Queen Elsa would be visiting. She donned her Elsa shoes and the first thing Elsa said to Zoey upon meeting her was, "Oh my gosh, I love your shoes!" Zoey asked to see Elsa's footwear but Elsa said she left them at the ice castle because she needed comfortable shoes for her travels. Then Elsa gave her a sticker and I was the mother trying not to lose her shit and start balling like a pageant winner as Zoey touched her newly-acquired sticker and said, "This will always remind me of Elsa."

We really just went to see Elsa but it turns out she was traveling with Governor Steve Bullock to promote his initiative to fund preschool for 4-year olds. Woo!

 There was one time we had to leave the house and go farther than we intended: Denver. While we've talked about going there for a pleasure-trip, this was hardly for that reason. We dealt with some scary things while we were there but once the metaphorical sun began to shine, we took some time to enjoy ourselves and went to an Avs game. My dad was able to score us last-minute tickets with pretty amazing seats and then offered to babysit. They played the Rangers, a very good team this season, and while the Avalanche lost, it was a great game, was very therapeutic, and we got to see live-goals, which was all we really cared about anyway. Oh, and we got to pay $16.50 for two beers after being told we had to forfeit the candy bars I forgot were in my purse, or quickly devour them by the trash can outside.

 Only the pros know how to properly break in their hockey sticks.

 Most of the time, though, we didn't travel farther from home than the driveway.

 They see me rollin'. They hatin'. They tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty.

 Otherwise, we're just working on crawling. Or break dancing.

Give me twenty!

The weather is slowly starting to get nicer, which is both a blessing and a curse, as the kids seem to wake up earlier and earlier each day. I remember hating when it was time to spring forward; now I desperately ask, when is it going to be dark in the morning again?! But soon we will be able to do more things outside and that is good for the soul. It's just life as it continues to happen, and that is more than fine with me!