Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Straight Trippin'

We join the rest of the world in pondering the incredibly fast year that was 2014, and in questioning, is it really the end of the first month of the new year (well, it probably will be by the time I get this posted)?! They be straight trippin'!

I don't like to do look-back, Year-In-Review-type things, my tastes souring on them after a particularly nasty year. To ring in the last few new years, Jacob and I continue on like its just another day. Because it is. So the following isn't so much a 2014 Retrospective as a This Is What We've Been Up To and I Forgot/Got Distracted/Was Too Lazy to Post These Earlier-spective.

 We hadn't been roadtrippin' in awhile so after Holden was born and I developed Cabin Fever, it seemed like as good a time as any. Dealing with a newborn left Zoey with little else to do than watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates non-stop for three months so I decided we needed a cerebral day and headed for the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman.

 She wasn't at all impressed.

 We've definitely been to bigger, more inclusive museums before, but this was pretty impressive.

 Holden - only a few weeks old - was awake the entire visit and looked at everything.

So, funny story about this picture. *chuckles* We happened to visit the Museum on the same day a fancy fundraiser was to be taking place. As we were leaving, a woman was getting out of her truck who would be working said fundraiser, and being the only one around, I asked if she would take our picture in front of the dinosaur. Before leaving the museum, we walked passed the dinosaur kid play area where Jacob passively suggested to Zoey, "say goodbye to the dinosaur toys." As we rounded the corner, Zoey burst into full-blown tantrum, exclaiming that she wanted to say goodbye to them. We managed to calm her down and leave the building in good spirits, but just as this picture was being taken, she dissolved into another meltdown, this time I'm not sure for what. As we tried to quickly calm her down so we could get a decent picture, people began arriving for the fundraiser. Upon seeing that we were trying to take a picture, the cars stopped and waited, but everyone arrived at once so cars began lining up around the parking lot merely to wait for this little family to take a picture in front of the dinosaur.

For the most part, Holden is a tremendous, happy, lovely little baby, but he is exponentially more high-maintenance than Zoey ever was (above-story aside). Holden physically reaches for me and I don't think Zoey ever - *ever* - did that as a baby. And while I enjoy being someone's one and only, taking care of him, Zoey, and the house in general proved to be more overwhelming than I anticipated. Since he was born right when I would have gone on the annual Girl's Weekend to Elkhorn, by the time he was two months old, I was beyond thankful the girls decided to postpone our trip instead of just going without me (it happened to work better for everyone, and the weather turned out to be the same, so goodness for all).

 Fourth year with the original four! Tara, Me, Mer, and Breyon.

Throwing it back to our first Elkhorn year: Breyon, Mer, Me, and Tara in August 2011.

These are the only these two pictures because that is all we did. We arrived, we sat, we drank, we ate, we laughed, we cried, we slept, we watched 80's movies, we read, we talked, we didn't leave the deck, we didn't feel bad about it, and we made sure to take the traditional group photo in front of the tree that is rapidly growing larger. It was the perfect medicine for this new mommy. Then we grudgingly headed back to our responsibilities.

A weekend away with great friends having done the body (and soul!) good, we stuck around the home-front more, especially with the impending busy holidays and the fact that I demanded that all of our family members come to our house for Christmas. While we managed to change our scenery a few times, it was never too far from home. Fortunately, through - what else? - great friends - we had an opportunity to drive to Winnett, MT - a place an old friend from high school now lives, and one we'd never seen before.

 Nicole and I went to high school in Colorado, randomly wound up in the Deep South (Florida for me, Georgia for her), met then followed our men to Montana, and now live 90-miles apart. We have children of similar age so we try to get together whenever she has to be in Billings for errands, but we made the trek to Winnett one Winter day to help her youngest cowboy rope in his third birthday.

 "I'm Cowgirl John!"

 Apparently cleaning up was an integral part of the party fun.

The Birthday Boy getting in on the action.

That was the last of our traveling for 2014, and we don't have many plans to do so in the coming year. We'll venture South to see my parent's new house in Arizona when we're just about sick of the cold, and we hope to make it to Boston this summer to witness what no one thought would happen: my brother's spawn. That's right - the Donahue name lives on!

This last year was neither great nor terrible. It had some high moments, some low moments, was stressful from sun-up to sun-down, but none of that changes or stops when the clock hits January 1st. It's just life as it continues to happen, which could always use some straight trippin'.