Monday, November 10, 2014

Finally Falling for Fall

I've never been a big fan of Fall. Less sunlight, more cold, school, and bulky clothing that only the Michelin Man would be turned on by. But now that I'm older with children of my own, I've come to appreciate it a lot more. For one thing, Halloween isn't the irritating holiday it once was, but can actually be fun. And I never cared much for the changing colors but after years of living in Phoenix - a place where you're hard-pressed to find anything that's not beige - I appreciate them a lot more and actually enjoyed when my backyard turned yellow.

Ok, well, just trust me. This was the very beginning.

It's safe to say it was enjoyed by others as well.

But the best thing about fall is that it has become a time of copious amounts of celebrations in honor of yours truly and/or our family. Just kidding - the best thing about fall is being able to put your kids to bed an hour earlier.

But I don't have pictures or anything to write about that so celebrations it is!

After our wonderful Meet the Baby Party, Zoey turned the BIG 4, old enough that her birthday actually mattered and I couldn't just honor it as the day I gave birth. She had been obsessed with the Disney Jr. show, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so we celebrated her birthday pirate-style.

 Next stop on my career journey: Costco cake department! Just kidding, I'm no where near that good.

 We didn't have a huge party, Zoey didn't even really have any friends over except one, Ashley's son, Eli. Otherwise, her adult friends - Meredith, and Jacob's friend, Tom - came to pa-AAARGGG-ty and she thought that was just fantastic.

 The requisite socks from Grandma Sally. She was way more excited than she looks, I swear. Admittedly, though, she wasn't *as* enthused with the new underwear.
 She LOVES this - a make-up kit that folds out into a flower - but has this new thing of not smiling for pictures. It's very Kim Kardashian and very annoying.

 "Doing makeovers," a few days after her birthday.

 While showing off the Frozen watch she also got.

A few days later, Zoey and I donned our birthday outfits from Grandma Sally and we headed up to Jacob's parent's for yet more celebrating.

I hated sharing my birthday while growing up but that was mainly because the kids in my class were assholes and giving cupcakes on *my* special day to assholes just didn't sit right with me. Now, of course, I couldn't be happier to share my birthday with this old blow-hard!

So, as it turns out, like most things I didn't like when I was younger, Fall really isn't so bad. You'll never get me on board with meatloaf, though.