Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fall Fun on the Farm

As I've mentioned before, it if weren't for our children, we'd have zero social life. It was only because Meredith included Ashley and I in an e-mail about - what else? - children that we became friends. We also met Debbie, Andy and their girls, Myla and Eliza, through Mer and added them to Zoey - and now Holden's - circle of friends.

Like myself, Debbie likes to celebrate the day she gave birth. But with our children getting increasingly wiser and selfishly wanting their birthdays to be all about them, Debbie and I have relegated ourselves to the background where we just quietly high-five each other on delivering such awesome little people. And with our children getting older, it seems like most of what we do each year is celebrate a long string of birthdays. Which is fine - they're not yet old enough to acknowledge all us adults in the corner with a case of beer. Anywho! This fall, Eliza turned six so we were off to yet another birthday party, this time at the farm.

 But first - cupcakes!

 That Myla didn't at all enjoy...

 Zoey did too but she was more interested in the rings that sat atop each cupcake (a child after my own heart).

 Afterward, all the ladies - Eliza, Myla, Whitney and Whitney's daughter, Jules - gobbled up some Holden. He hated it.

Holden and his harem.

 Coincidentally, this farm - Sartorie Farms - happened to be right around the corner from our old house but it took four years and new friends to learn about it.

Mesmerized by peacocks.
 All ready for Thanksgiving, fellas?

 Llamas and alpacas.

"Well, if you're going to look at me, I guess I'll just look back at you."

 Finding our way through the corn maze.

 Which felt very Wizard of Oz.

 Over the river and through the maze to a pumpkin patch we go!

 Found one!

 Mer bringing sexy back to the pumpkin patch.

 It was "late" in the season, most people picking their Halloween pumpkin in September, but we managed to find a good one. We completely forgot to carve it so it kept for over a month before I hacked it up and pureed it for pumpkin pie.

 Picking pumpkins with my pumpkins.

 The Great Hinman Pumpkin! Mer, her step-daughter DeLaney, and Zoey, who made it her mission to find the perfect pumpkin for the Hinmans.

After collecting our gourds, it was time for the tractor ride.

And what's a birthday party without presents?! Zoey desperately wanted to show Eliza what we got her (a bracelet making kit) and Eliza was thrilled. Debbie said she started making them as soon as she got home that day and everyone in her family now has a blinged-out bangle. Andy, in particular, looks stunning in his.

We're very fortunate to have the friends that we do, and that, as a result, our children have such nice friends. I hope there will be many more birthday parties to come (with many more cases of beer).