Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Meet Mr. McIntyre!

In all of my 32 years, I've never had friends who threw me a party. When I got married, my so-called "best friends" didn't do boo to celebrate my nuptials, just performed the most basic of bridesmaid duties, made a bad name for themselves in Red Lodge, and visited Shotgun Willies, one of two strip clubs at the edge of Billings, before blowing town without so much as seeing seeing where I lived. So when my friends Meredith and Ashley - who I wouldn't have even known if Meredith hadn't included us both on an e-mail chain - thought to throw me a baby shower for McBun 2.0, just their intentions were enough to make me all misty-eyed. But knowing me and Jacob, knowing the general nature of baby-showers, and knowing people would rather ogle a baby than watch an over-sized woman who is clearly uncomfortable trying to pretend she's comfortable, they opted to throw a Meet The Baby party once Holden was born.

 My little man and I all dressed up for his debut.

 We were lucky enough to have Jacob's Uncle Randy and his wife, Tammy, come up from Wyoming to meet Holden.

 Done having babies of her own but unable to get enough of them, Debbie is happy to take over baby-duty any time (with her youngest, Myla, taking notes.) It's friends like these...

 Aunties Meredith - assist-er-in-birth, all-around awesome person and party-thrower - and Debbie, with the star of the show.

 At just 3 weeks old, his tie collection already surpassed that of his father's.

One of the main reasons we decided against a traditional baby shower was the games. Jacob and I aren't much for them, especially in scenarios where we're the center of attention, but this one was pretty great. 
And I kept the diapers for posterity. Neither of my children have baby books so commemorative diapers will have to do.

I invited everyone I knew in Montana - even a couple in Arizona and Wyoming - but of course not everyone was able to make it. We had a nice turnout of exceptionally nice people, with great food - all homemade by Montana's answer to The Pioneer Woman, Ashley - and great conversation. I lucked out with such great friends and my children are fortunate to get to reap the rewards. Holden is truly loved and there is no other way to enter the world.