Friday, August 22, 2014

A Fair Tradition

With the new addition to our family, the end of July, beginning of August was pretty jam-packed. We were vaguely aware of the Fair coming into town and made little effort to get ourselves there, preferring instead the cocoon we had created for ourselves. But when we discovered that we were in its last weekend, we decided our summer just wouldn't be the same without a trip to what I can only describe as the nation's patrons of Wal-Mart dumped onto one place.

 Ready for a family (a)Fair!

 First thing's first: conquer the Ferris Wheel. Before we left the house, Zoey told me, "This year I'm 3-years old so I'm not going to be afraid of the Ferris Wheel." And with Daddy's help, she wasn't!

 Then we rode some other Fair favorites. The kiddie rides are scary enough for me, thanks.

 Zoey was big enough this year to do some rides by herself.

 And told me during this year's carousel ride, "Could you please not hold on to me?" *SNIFF*

 Holden found it all extremely exciting.

The ride on the grass was especially thrilling.

After rides, we did our second - and only other - favorite thing at the Fair - Fair food! (And, of course, the people watching and their impeccable taste in fashion.)

We spent a couple of hours trying to convince ourselves that the money we were spending would be worth the memories before calling it another year to put in the books. Actually, we ran out of ride tickets, were full on foot-long corn dogs and beer, and it started raining. It wasn't excitement-packed but it was a fun night out for the family, and pretty much all we can handle at the moment as we slowly get used to being responsible for the well-being of two little people. And it was definitely a great continuation of our Fair tradition.