Friday, June 20, 2014

The Oasis

Our house is located within walking distance of the one and only water park in Billings. With our population barely cresting 100,000, our The Oasis is definitely no Water World. And that is definitely ok.

The prices are reasonable, the size of the park is manageable, and the trance it has held over our child since moving in last November is magical. Having to drive passed it every time we leave or come back to the house, Zoey has, literally, been asking to go to the water park since it was covered in snow. So you can imagine her jubilation when the wait was FINALLY over and we could make the trek to her Shangri La: The Oasis.

 Starting things off in the little-people area.

 "The water park is so AWESOME!" (Actual quote as this picture was being taken.)

 Once she was familiar with - and sufficiently wet from - the slide, she ventured to the wave pool, which is a puddle in comparison to those at other major water parks, THANK GOD!

 Then it was on to the medium-people slide.

 The medium-sized-people area was more like a playground jungle gym that sprayed and dumped water. To be honest, the majority of the park is to the benefit of little-to-medium-sized people. There are two big-people slides, and a small "lazy-river" type thing, but not nearly enough to keep an already bored high schooler from *still* being bored. As for full-grown adults, there's nothing for us to do except sit in the waves, watch our children have all the fun, and remember fondly what it was like to have so much energy.

 I can think of one person who certainly wasn't bored. For the entire three hours we were there, she was full-throttle, non-stop excitement and energy. Towards the end of the day, though, I did catch her shivering in the pool and stifling a yawn, yet insisting she wasn't at all tired or ready to leave.

 Look out, water park, here comes Zoey!

 In the middle of all the action, our little girl is growing up. *SNIFF*

The face of a great day.