Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Montana Nowhere Trippin'

My mom asked me awhile back, "Have you gone anywhere? Done any road-tripping?"

Sadly, the answer was no and still is. But we've been enjoying being in our house, getting it cleaned, organized, and how we like it, and spending time getting to know what and who is in our neighborhood. Turns out it's lots of very nice people who also have dogs that bark at the front windows whenever someone walks by.

With me nearing my due-date, travel will continue to shrink to places that aren't very far from the hospital. But with summer quickly approaching, the door to a lot more activities has suddenly been opened.

Until then, here's what we're been up to...

 Ever growing, ever changing.

 ...Into Spider Man!

 Being very Spider-y.

 Always time for snuggles, of course.

 Durbin knows - you're just plain foolish if you don't love Cookie Monster.

 And learning!

 She said, "Mom! Take a picture of be gluing!"

 Zoey's Abstract Period. The product of learning how to cut and paste.

 And then she declared, "I'm off to school!" (Which will be a rude awakening when she discovers wearing pants is required.)

Durbin has been learning new things too! ;-)

 Otherwise, we're just waiting around for summer.

And Durbin is waiting around for his rightful lick at the ice cream cone.

 We may open a Big Top...We're thinking about it...

 Or start a band...

 Must be one of their more emotional numbers.

Or we've just been waiting for our tide to come in...

 Gotta get the lawn ready for those impeding hot temperatures!

 Ok, I was mistaken; one of us has been able to do some roadtrippin'. "I'm goin' to Grandma and Grandpa's house!"

"I'm here!"

At the end of May, Jacob and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary and took advantage of my parents visiting to have a date night. It wasn't anything outlandish or fancy, we just did what we both like to do. The best part of any date night is the ease in which we transform into just two people who enjoy spending time together; not husband and wife, not mother and father. Just Jacob and Breanne who wouldn't want to spend time with anyone else.

 Jacob got to drive a favorite of his many vehicles.

 Our first stop was Two Moon Park. With all the snow we got - and all the rain we had been getting - we knew the river would be pretty high and wanted to check it out. The grass poking up in the distance used to be an island.

 Then we went to one of our favorite places to eat - The Staggering Ox. They have this salad - SOB (Salad of Billings) - that I actually crave, and not just when I'm pregnant. And everyone I know who tries it says it's the best thing ever. But their true claim to fame is what Jacob had - a sandwich in their trademarked can-looking bread that is much easier to eat than you'd think.

 Part of our date also consisted of Jacob driving through mud and puddles. I guess if you have those tires, you should probably do something with them... *sigh* I joked that between taking his Jeep on our date, listening to Railroad Earth (a band I can take or leave but mostly leave), and driving through puddles, he was really just on a date with himself.

 On our way back from dinner, we stopped at another area of the Yellowstone River to take a walk. Nope, won't be going that way, I guess.

 We walked a little ways before my weariness and craving for frozen yogurt took over.

From there we went to Cherry Berry for fro-yo and took the long way home. We got back just in time to say goodnight to Zoey so it was an all-around successful evening.

Going through the pictures later, I realized Jacob and I have worn these outfits before. Oh, this picture makes me laugh! (And wow do we need to go clothes shopping!)
(July 2009 and May 2014)