Monday, May 19, 2014

Our House, Is a Very, Very, Very Warm House

....With two dogs in the yard,
Making lives of squirrels so hard.
But everything seems easy with friends and family like youuuuuuu.

It's hard to believe we've been in our new house for six months, especially since we still have boxes that have yet to be opened much less unpacked, and we're still organizing, decorating, changing, and settling. As searching for a house became more and more frustrating, having a housewarming party became more and more of a necessity. We really worked hard to find a home we loved so the desire to show it off became even more important; we even sometimes find ourselves unhappy with people, "Why haven't they come to see our house yet?!" Like it's our child. (Technically, they do cost the same...)

Packing up our old house was also a good motivator to have a housewarming party and not be shy about asking for gifts. As the amount of crap piles higher and higher, many things start to seem like more of a burden than something that necessitates every day living. And you realize that most of your stuff is total crap. And since you just plunked down some serious money on a house, the last thing you want it filled with is the crap you used in your college dorm (I'm sorry, the George Foreman grill does not deserve counter-space).

But it's always nicer to have a party when the weather is nice, and with the small amount of painting I wanted to do, the middle of May seemed like the most opportune time for such an event. We were right. And a little wrong...

 There is a relatively small wall that pretty much has zero function in the kitchen and I decided to turn it into a chalkboard wall. It was by far the most popular thing at the party. And not by the kids.

 Louis, my very pointy belly, and I talking to my friend and fellow Heights-Bitch, Holly (that is, apparently, what kids at the high school in downtown refer to girls at the high school in the Heights, a suburb of Billings situated on the rims, physically above the city of Billings).

 Zoey is slowly getting the hang of this photography thing, practicing on her Grandma Sally and Grandpa Jeff.

 *Must* include a Zoey original, though.

 Fortunate for us, the fantastic landscaping (and corresponding fancy-pants sprinkler system) was done by the previous owner so we've been reaping the benefits this, our first, Spring.

 In addition to the very snowy winter we had, we've been getting a good amount of rain lately. Obviously.

 I just thought this picture was funny... :-)

 Some of our guests enjoying the nice weather. It wasn't particularly sunny, but it wasn't windy or cold so being outside was pretty enjoyable.

 Of course, hanging around the food is always popular, of which I'm pretty proud of myself. Let me take a moment to toot my own horn, here. I made homemade: potato salad, coleslaw, broccoli salad, brownies, ketchup, ranch dressing, and Cheeseburger soup. TOOT TOOT! Jacob pitched in too, manning the grill with brats (of which Louis stole a bun from one kid, a brat from another...)

(...and Durbin just sat and begged. Why do children forget everything you've taught them when people come over?!?) Mer, Andy, and Myla having a stare-down with Durbin over Myla's brat.

We had a really nice turnout of people and it was fun to have everyone over, this being Jacob and I's first time hosting a party, separate or together.

The weather this time of year is a considerable improvement but doing any outdoor activity is always a crap-shoot. For the week leading up to the party, the sky would get very dark and threatening, the wind would pick up, and it seemed like serious shit was about to happen only for the sky to break apart and it blow over. So when the sky started to look like the Wicked Witch of the West was close to crashing our party, I was the annoying one who kept saying, "It could just blow over."

 Blow over, it did not... This was taken by my Sister-in-Law. The pink thing is her Eos lip gloss.

Good thing we took that picture by the flowers earlier... :-(

Surveying the damage the next morning.

 Luckily Jacob was thinking ahead and pulled in our gorgeous new hanging flowers - this bunch from our awesome realtor who stopped by the party - .....

 ...And these from my friend and former co-worker, Pam.

So they are thankfully still alive.

Jacob and I truly had fun, even though it was a lot of work, both leading up to and during the festivities. We felt truly fortunate, thankful, and thoroughly house-warmed. And it was nothing more than an unfortunate coincidence that the golf-ball-sized hail-storm happened half an hour after Jacob's Grandfather did a house-blessing... DUN DUN DUN! ;-)