Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Slowly Waking from Hibernation

People are still complaining about the winter because, well, it's still winter. It's very confusing when the sun is brighter and out longer but it's still only 35-degrees out. But since, as mammals, we're drawn to the outdoors at this time of year, it feels like the world is slowly starting to re-emerge.

Thanks to Zoey, Jacob and I have somewhat of a social-life. One weekend, Zoey was invited to back-to-back birthday parties!
First up, playing Pin The Eye on the Monster at Eli's Monster's Inc./University Party.

 Child models, I think so!

 Having a go at the pinata. They really manufacture these things to be more difficult than necessary. All of the kids enjoy whacking it around a few times, then inevitably get so frustrated and distracted that an adult has to come over and beat it to death before just picking it up and dumping candy all over the floor. All of the brutality is, of course, forgiven when everyone is given the candy-grab go-ahead.

 The birthday boy, Eli, was enjoying things so much that when they brought out his candles, he stood in front of them and sang "Happy Birthday" to himself.

 Thiiiiis is what we came here for.

 He wasn't pleased in the slightest.

 Then it was over to Myla's house (her mother is my friend and Elkhorn-cohort, Debbie) for a real girl-i-fied party.

 On the way home, we spotted these fellas out for an early Spring stroll.

 We also emerged for St. Patrick's Day Craft Day at the library. This was Zoey's first experience with doing any sort of real crafting that was supposed to turn out a certain way.

 The out-poking tongue is integral as she'll discover later when learning how to apply mascara.

 She was very proud of her creation when all was said and done, and rightfully so. It was supposed to be a rainbow made out of different colored hands with a pot of gold but she wanted to glue all of the hands together, and draw and glue on "gold dabloons," resulting in the final creation of what she insisted wasn't a rainbow but a "hand necklace."

 Speaking of busting out... (21 weeks; slightly over 5 months)
This is the moment you look away/scroll quickly past if you're my dad or anyone else who doesn't want to know the gender and wants to be surprised come later this summer....Last chance....

 Our litter booger with his feet and arms up by his face. Yup, it's a boy and we're beyond thrilled! Jacob, mainly, because now there will be someone to carry on his family name and he isn't dreading his vasectomy quite so much. Throughout the last five months, Zoey has been adamant that the baby is a girl, even telling my doctor, "If it's a boy, I'm going to be so mad at it!" But about a week before we were to find out, she changed her tune, decided she wanted a brother and wants to name him Eli.

Here's lookin' at you!

It's been alternating between being warm and cold, sunny and snowy, so we've been enjoying being inside, too.

 Well, most of us... (This is Durbin's perch come 3:30pm, waiting for Jacob to get home.)

 Remember the purple trim I mentioned before?.... So long weird, mauve/purple-ish color! Soon you will be nothing more than something we spot in photo albums and chuckle at the memory of.

 We find other ways to decorate, too.

 Or just grow up way too quickly...

The squirrels in the backyard are coming out of hibernation as well, but Louis still has time to fit in some ballet.

 Or watch NASCAR while braiding My Little Pony hair.

 Otherwise, just learning and growing (she decided she wanted to make Daddy's lunch one morning).