Wednesday, April 16, 2014

EP: The Extra Placenta

McBun and I are so special, we get two! Well, one and a half.

And we're actually not that special. It's a random abnormality that usually only poses risks come delivery. Since it's in the Laws of Delivery that the doctor you've been seeing more of than you've seen your house clean won't actually be the one to deliver your baby, the main concern is that everyone is aware of my situation to ensure I deliver both placentas. If not, I would hemorrhage the "extra" one and after this last summer's bleeding extravaganza, I've had enough hemorrhaging for one lifetime. What really sparked concern with my doctor was something else they discovered during my routine, mid-pregnancy anatomy ultrasound.

In a part of my baby-full, functional womb is a small band of tissue stretching from one side to the other. After a follow-up ultrasound and subsequent discussion with the High-Risk doctor, my "band" is and will remain harmless to my growing McBun. In other scenarios, however, the band is known as Amniotic Band Syndrome, which is when the bands are attached to the baby and cause birth defects and inner-womb amputations. The High-Risk doctor was pleased to see (and report) that the baby is nowhere near the band - likely just scar tissue and not fibrous bands as a result of a partial rupture of the amniotic sac - and that as the baby grows it will be pushed aside and possibly absorbed.

While I was slightly piqued at the idea of getting special treatment these last few months, I'm more relieved to know everything is normal and progressing properly, especially since I didn't know the possible severity of the band until after the follow-up ultrasound. And now that we're assured the "extra placenta" doesn't pose any serious risks, we joke that because I have such a healthy appetite, it's the baby's mini-fridge. Otherwise, the baby looks great (according to the doctors), and is very wiggly (according to me as I sit still and watch my belly shake like Santa's bowl full of jelly).

This pregnancy is definitely different, especially in regards to the number of batches of homemade brownies and bags of Classic Jelly Beans I've consumed, and a little more action-packed. As long as McBun and I make it through unscathed, I'll be happy and thankful.