Saturday, March 1, 2014

Holy Snowballs!

This winter has gotten a lot of press and a lot of cutesy names. It's also gotten a lot of complaints but that happens every year because people having nothing better to do after Christmas. Growing up in Colorado was one of the main reasons I chose to go to college at Arizona State, and people ask me if the Montana winters make me miss living in Arizona and Florida. No. And I am actually quite pleased with this winter, myself.

I liked my first winter here even though it was laced with terror since it was my first winter-driving in eight years and I was doing it in my little Arizona car on 40 miles of interstate the government didn't think necessary to plow. Then we moved into the city and got an SUV and the next two years were bitter cold and dry, leading to even drier summers. Well this winter is sure making up for it!

 We've had quite a bit of snow this year but there were a couple of weeks when there was no moisture and temperatures normalized to 30s and 40s. This was the last sunny, snow-less day.

 We stayed out until the wind picked up and the storm clouds rolled in, even though she tried to convince me the weather was fine.

A content Louis enjoying a normal-temperatured, sunny day.

 And then it snowed. And besides a few days here and there, is all we've seen. I was afraid of losing her in some parts of the yard.

 She, of course, thinks it's glorious.

So does Durbin.

 Snow beasts.

 Hard for a guy to find a stick in this weather.

 Literally two seconds later. They are such brothers.

Louis romped and played a little bit, then just went back to sitting and watching.

Durbin did too, but he's watching for his bus outta here.

That first butt-slide is always a toughy.
This is the pile from shoveling the driveway, and there is a good six-inches that still need to be shoveled.

 The slide quickly became awesome, of course, and she declared, "I could do this all day!" As the only one working up a real sweat, she didn't mind that it was only 9-degrees.

 This hill didn't work out so well for butt-sliding.

 She did this all on her own. It must be in the kid handbook, or something.

 Of course, deep snow is good for nothing else but snow tunnels!

The rosy cheeks of someone who loves playing outside in the snow. You're definitely not hearing any winter complaints over here!