Saturday, February 15, 2014

How We Roll, Valentine's Style

In our time together, Valentine's Day has never been something Jacob and I put a lot of pressure on. We like to do nice things for each other to show we care, and now that we have a family, it's more fun and games and being silly; an an excuse for candy, cookies, and cupcakes. And, like Halloween, impossible to ignore. So this is how we did it. Buckle your seat belts, people.

 Helping me get started on some Valentine's cookies. She is Chief of Flicking Flour Out of the Bowl.

 Whenever she helps me in the kitchen, she declares herself Certificate Egg-Holder. She doesn't want to do anything with them, just hold them until their ready to go in the recipe.

 She's doing all the work! Ahh, one day, my child. One day...

 Ready to get our decorating on.

 Trying to determine the best way to get as many sprinkles all over the floor as possible.

No waiting.

 Well, sure they look good. But do they *taste* good.

 For my first attempt at homemade cookies, icing, and decorating, I give myself (and Zoey but she's an expert at everything) a hearty pat on the back.

 My chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, however, were a different story. One day I'll be able to decorate cupcakes without making them look like someone took a dump on them, and, yes, the frosting color is rather unfortunate. But today is not that day.

 I smoothed out the poo-cakes, a slight improvement. You won't be seeing me on Cupcake Wars anytime soon.

The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so along with the cookies, cupcakes, and box of Peanut Butter Cups, I roasted a (local, free-range, still-had-a-hair-on-it) turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, and salad. Since roasting a chicken upside down is the only way I'll do it, I idly wondered if it would work with a turkey and decided this was the day to give it a try. I really should have patented this method. Juiciest. Turkey. Ever.

 Quickest way to mine, of course, is through buying me pretty things. (This is mainly just an excuse to show off my little belly. :-D)

 Someone likes the new blanket Daddy got for Mommy.

 She said, "It's for both of us," and I said, "Ohhh no it's not."

 It's Cupid!

 Her first Valentine's rose. *swoon!*

 Very pleased with her Valentine's - a little ladybug that makes kissing noises when you push it and - what else? - a Thomas the Tank Engine Valentine's Day sticker book (which wound up mostly all over her legs and the floor).

 No waiting.

It's always been a no-pressure day for Jacob and I but - like everyday - he makes sure to let me - now us - know we're loved.