Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How We Roll, Arctic Blast Style

Besides moving, getting and being knocked up, vacations, and holidays, here's a little of what else we've been up to.

 A little ballet.

 Finding second position.

 Somewhere, there is a stage just for her.

 Football and ballet - totally the same thing.

 No ballerina is complete without fairy make-up.

 Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

 Everyone knows the benefits of a good dog snuggle.
Like rest of the country, except you don't ever hear about it because you figure it's always an Arctic Blast in Montana, it has been very cold this winter. Temperatures have reached 30-degrees below zero right along with the rest of the country (except for the sweaty penis of the US - Florida) so staying in and cuddling won out a lot.

 We thought Durbin had an ear boo-boo but it turns out he just really likes it when Louis licks his ear for hours....and hours....and hours... Louis has since moved beyond the ear and will sometimes lick Durbin all over like they're cats.

 We did venture outside some. What good is the 6-inches of snow we got overnight if you're not going to play in it?

 Any day it was 20-degrees and above, the dogs were on squirrel patrol. Durbin would dance around the tree, barking, like if it just told it to come down, it would. Louis was Mr. Patient, sitting in the snow, keeping watch, neither of them realizing, of course, that Mr. Squirrel was fucking with them, getting just low enough on the tree to stare back at them with his tail all fluffed up, then run along the top of the fence between trees.

 Jacob and I ventured out as well, managing to squeeze in a few dates. This is when my mom was visiting and she watched Zoey so we could see Anchorman 2.

 I just like this picture because Jacob has his hand on my belly and grinning like goon. How proud of himself is he?

One weekend, Zoey spent it with her Grandparents in Columbus so Jacob and I got to squeeze in another date, this time with dinner at our friend's house. They had just finished building their house and invited us for their house-warming in December but I was too sick with early-pregnancy to attend. Now, feeling much better and able to eat a horse, we had dinner at their new house with another friend of ours.

 We also ventured out to check out the new Billings Public Library. As ridiculous as this sounds, I've avoided our library like the plague since it was more of a home to the creeps and homeless of Billings, and constantly smelled like urine. Now the city has a brand new one, rivaling most college campuses. There's even a coffee bar! Billings has become so posh. Mer, my fellow book-nerd, and I made plans to check it out one Saturday, not realizing it was the dedication ceremony of the library so there was food, a choir, orchestra, events, and tons of people. Here is Zoey and Mer's stepdaughter, DeLaney, in the new Story Tower in the children's section. Three days a week for an hour a day they hold story time. I see many in our future.

 I know! I'll make myself as small as possible and no one will see me!
Cold or no cold, Durbin feels he has rightful ownership of the couch. After we yelled at him to get down several times, I came into the living room to find this. He looked more like he was in pain than comfortable, so I let him stay.

 Otherwise, we've been using our time inside wisely, doin' some schoolin'.

 A puzzle where you match the number to the number of objects.

 Got them all matched and lined up. Then showed off by counting them in Spanish.

 During snack time, Durbin knows where to get the goods.

We don't have any moving, (more) knocking up, vacations, or holidays coming up any time soon so it's just life as it continues to happen. And, as you can see, that's perfectly fine.