Thursday, January 23, 2014

Meet the McBun!

My OB's office has switched up more than just the receptionists - I'm sorry, "Appointment Specialists" - in the four years since I was pregnant with Zoey. Back then, I was only allotted one ultrasound at 20 weeks unless something showed up to raise enough concern to schedule follow-ups. This go 'round, I'm the lucky winner of a whopping three ultrasounds throughout the duration of my pregnancy (new standard procedure, not just because of my misadventures this summer) and the first one took place earlier this week.

Ultrasounds are always a bit nerve-wracking in addition to exciting. You can't wait to take a peek at what the baby is up to, but scared you'll see two heads, five arms, no spine, something is wrong, or worse - there is more than one baby. Thankfully, while we went in worried, everyone - including the ultrasound tech who also conducted the ultrasound of my empty tummy in the ER this summer - was pleased with all 3.5-inches of the newest McBun. And - whew! - there was only one.

Yes, I'm it's mother, and yes, it did make me throw up for a good two weeks straight, but it's a cutie patootie already!

We happened to peek in on bouncy-time, watching it bounce up and down and roll around. At one point it turned toward the "camera" and we could see the face. It was clearer to pick out than you'd imagine, looking like a skeleton with giant bug eyes. We saw a hand fly up, legs and feet move around, and what looked like hiccups but was just the baby bouncing on it's back like it was on a trampoline. I happened to laugh and got to see my uterus contract and the baby wriggle in response. Breathing a sigh of relief, Jacob and I each got a picture and we're looking forward to the next time we can check in on the little booger.

You'll notice I've only referred to the McBun as "McBun" and "it." The primary purpose of this ultrasound was to determine gestational age and general development like heartbeat, spine, arms and legs, and measurements. In a little over a month will be the Anatomy Scan where they'll look at internal organs and be able to determine if McBun is the girl Zoey is hoping for (that she will name Zoey), or the boy her parents are hoping for (that she will name Zoey Boy).

My oven must be on low because the baby's measurements pushed my due date back about a week and a half. While I make no secret of lamenting that one day I'm in my second trimester and the next day I'm not, I ultimately feel it's ok to be a slow baker. Of course I'll be singing a different tune when month nine rolls around and - like Zoey - this one won't want to leave my one-bedroom apartment. I'll come back and read this in the hopes of reminding myself of what's really important but more than likely it will just make me want to punch myself in the face.

Zoey, for all her 3-years, is as excited as she understands. She gets that there is a baby in my tummy, that she used to be in my tummy the same way (she's certain she was snuggling Suit even then), and loves to tell people, "Mommy has a baby in her tummy and it makes her sick." She didn't come with us for this first ultrasound because it was more of a fact-finding mission: go in, make sure everything is ok, and strengthen our hope that everything is progressing and situated as it should be. But even though she wasn't present, I showed her the ultrasound picture and she's quickly able to pick out the baby amongst the squiggly lines. She'll even ask to, "see the picture of the baby blowing a bubble." We'll take her to the next ultrasound and I'm looking forward to her reaction. Until then, one day at a time and we'll see you again soon, McBun!