Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas: Take Two

By the weekend after Christmas, everyone's tummies had settled and we were back to feeling normal. So we loaded up the car and set off over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house for another, slightly more rowdy Christmas celebration. Let's face it: it's the kids that make it fun. We hadn't even turned the car off and Zoey decided, "I'm going to go inside and tell Cousin Layne we have Christmas presents for him!" And she did just that.

 We gave Libby a present right off the bat, she looked like she was going to burst. I'll admit, it was a struggle to get Zoey to understand that presents at Christmas are for everyone and not *just* her, but she soon got into how fun it can be to give.

 Some are even for me! :-D (And sometimes I do miss my growing-up days when most of them were for me. Maybe that's where Zoey gets it...)

 The Great Present Un-Wrap.

 Meet the World's Newest Mommy!

 This Learn to Count Cookie Jar was a present we got for Libby. It turned out to be quite popular with the older kids, as well.

 But the recipient did enjoy it just as much.

So much so that as she was playing with it, she suddenly ran away and came back wanting to put on her apron and chef's hat.

We also got her a butterfly that flapped it's wings (and of course made some sort of noise) when you pushed it, a la The Popper.

But since it was a butterfly, she thought it should be more like this.

 Scoring even more Aunt and Uncle points, we got Layne something to work off some aggression. The whole family gave it a go and now no one needs therapy!

 Libby's ready for a go! Or looks like she just went a round or two with Layne...

 She needs some gentleness training but otherwise makes a wonderful Mommy. Obviously it'll be different when there is an actual baby around and not just a doll that squeaks when you push on it.

 World's next Most Stylist Mama! Your move, US Weekly.

 Libby got in the Mommy-spirit, too.

 Even stopping in the middle of her cookie-making to feed the baby.

New Mommy AND new ballerina, she does it all!

 Not at all loving her new, frilly dress. She didn't even mind that she had a headband on (for a moment...)

Such the sophisticate, loving her new track-suit, too.

Taking a break from all of the Christmas fun, which, of course, didn't last long. There was just way too much to play with and way too many of Grandma's yummy baked treats to eat.

Everyone had a very nice day and none of the kids fought, cried, or had to be punished. Success! It was the perfect way to end the holiday season, especially when it felt like it was mostly passing us by. We took the Christmas tree down the next day and our New Year's was pretty uneventful. I went to bed when Zoey did, with an intention of getting up a few hours later, and woke up around 11pm to Jacob coming to bed, presumably after falling asleep on the couch.

Now it's just life as it continues to happen only with a few more neat-o gadget and games to keep us busy.