Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trippin' for Fall

We happened to find ourselves free of obligations one weekend (at least, none that we actually wanted to acknowledge) and decided to do some fall roadtrippin'.

For one day, we stayed close to home and gave the children some exercise at Coulson Park in Billings.

 It had juuuuust started to get cold so the leaves hadn't really done much changing yet. But you can tell this area will be very pretty when it starts to turn.

Lou-dog. Fortunately for us, he didn't kill anything (that we know of) during this park outing.

 Durbin and Louis cooling off in the had-to-be-frigid Yellowstone River after running. That is as far as Durbin - on the left - is willing to go without it being absolutely necessary.

 Louis, on the other hand, never finds a reason not to swim.

 There was even a decent current that appeared to freak him out at first, but then he figured out a way to maneuver in a circle to get himself back to shore. And with Zoey throwing sticks in the water, I thought he was just going to stand in this spot and wait for the sticks to flow down-stream.

 Zoey and Louis, my water babies.

 There are definitely worse places to take a walk amongst the fall. (And you'd never know it to look at these pictures, but this park is literally [fenced] meters from the interstate and coal refinery.) 

 After our walk, we had a family-date at The Rock Pile.

 Oh, this picture makes me laugh! All I hear is a deep New Jersey accent in, "Hey, can we get some ketchup over here!"

The next day, we packed up the car, aiming for a re-trippin'. Last year - too early for Medicine Wheel Pass to be open - we got a little passed Lovell, Wyoming then turned around and headed home. This year we did the whole thing.

 Just gettin' started.

 My roadtrippin' style: always match the reading material. (Stephen King's Doctor Sleep on my lap also coordinates nicely.)

 Zoey's roadtrippin' style: Nickelodeon DVD of shows about fall (ironic, I know, when she could just look out the window) and a peanut butter/banana/honey sandwich.

 Up and over those beasts.

Since it was Wyoming, there wasn't a lot of vegetation to speak of until we got deeper into the mountains, and there it had already snowed.

 The scenery we were leaving behind.

 Photo a la Zo.

 Second time's the charm.

 The first hints at snow.

 Coming back down the other side, this is known as Fallen City because it looks like the rocks tumbled down from the top. 

On the way back down.

These are some shots of the fall colors as we traveled to and from Columbus the following weekend for Layne's 6th Birthday Mustache Bash. (More on that later...)

It was nice to get out of town and see things we haven't seen before on our roadtrip. Unfortunately, we do have some big obligations so roadtrippin' will have to take a backseat for a while (PUN!). But our travels - and certainly not our adventures - surely aren't over yet.