Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rockin' Out With Our 'Staches Out

It's hard to believe I first met Layne when he was just over a year old. Still in diapers, his favorite thing was to Swiffer the kitchen floor. My how things change...

Now he's my Nephew, going to school five days a week, is one of my child's favorite people, and is grown up enough to make the manly decision to have his birthday party be mustache-themed. It is every man's dream to grow a mustache and Jacob's theme throughout most of the day was, "but you won't let me grow one." It's not me that won't let him. It's nature. So, definitely have to hand it to Layne (and his parents and grandparents who pulled it all together!!) for creativity. And in case you aren't hip to the face-pubes news, silly mustaches are totally "in" right now so we all got some great mustache paraphernalia.

 Ready to rock out with our 'staches out.

 Kids are so much more grown up these days. (Is it upside down? I have no idea, I don't know the first thing about mustaches and their face-placement.)

 I'll give you one guess who took this picture. Maybe she's opening a collection titled, "Headless."

 Then Zoey got some camera help but my mustache had lost it's sticky.

 Some yummy goodies to get caught in our mustaches.

 Game time!

 Zoey is still just a tad too young for instruction-following so she decided she just wanted to be a worm.

 And perfectly happy and content about it.

She did get into some of the games but mostly just took the opportunity to jump and run around and act silly, which is really what it's all about when you're pumped full of sugar at birthday parties.

 Libby got in on the action, as well.

 She looks like a little, chubby man, I love it!

 Zoey thoroughly immersed herself in the theme of the event.

 Sometimes we just sat and watched the games (and ate cookies in the shape of mustaches, of course).

 We sat and watched a few rounds of Duck, Duck, Goose (my most hated of games when I was little because when I was "it," I was never fast enough to get un-"it") until Zoey decided she wanted to join in. Still unsure of the concept, but knowing it involved running around in a circle, that's just what she did. As soon as someone got up to run, she ran along side them. No one seemed to care and - hey - as long as she was running, right? That would save me the trouble of having her run home to work off the five cookies, cupcake, and cup of punch she downed.

 Simon Says, another work-it-off favorite.

Libby and her blanket joined the raucous, too.

 The birthday boy!

 I need to bribe them with treats to get them to come closer to me.

 Grandma Bobbie managed to snag her for a few minutes of snuggling.

 Must be something good...

 Anything with motorized wheels is definitely a winner.

 Enjoying the glasses I got for Jacob, Zoey and I but they were way too small for Jacob and I so I thew them in Layne's gift bag. There was a wind-up knob on the nose that made the mustache and eyebrows move. The Dollar Store has some real finds sometimes.

Since he's a big kid going to school now, I thought he could be the class distraction with mustache pen/pencil toppers. That's what Aunts and Uncles are for, right? We also got him a mustache car sticker that is supposed to go on the front of a grown-up car but Layne and I thought it would be just as good to put on the front of his 4-wheeler. We also gave him a pair of sunglasses with a mustache that hangs down to hit where a mustache would be, and a Cars snow hat and Spiderman gloves, just to spice things up a little.

 Admiring the haul. Zoey desperately wanted to go home with Layne so she could play with everything with him (or use him to get to the toys, whatever), but we had another birthday party to get to.

A mustache whistle was given out to all the guests. I guess that is a little payback for all the parents who got him annoying toys.

It was a great, creative, party where everyone had fun and no one got hurt, in trouble or cried. Success! Zoey is still talking about the mustache cookies almost a week later.