Saturday, August 17, 2013

Girls and a Ghost Town: Triology

Third year in a row, as summer approaches, the August girl's trip to Elkhorn, Montana is no longer a question of if but when. Meredith, Tara, myself, Breyon, and April have reached the point where August plans revolve around the Elkhorn trip, each making sure nothing obligatory comes up during this most sacred of times.

I hadn't planned on writing about this year's trip, mainly because nothing much different happened this year than the previous two. I even forgot my camera, something I was initially bummed about but - upon further thought - decided it wasn't that big of a deal since we didn't do anything anyway. (Coincidentally, Mer was initially bummed I forgot my camera as well, but as she continued to enjoy her coconut rum, she became more and more thankful no pictures of Saturday exist.) Plus, the scenery hadn't changed - at least what we could see of it from the deck - so all of the pictures would have been repeats.

Other things remained the same as well. We had amazing food, this year forgoing each person being in charge of one meal and everyone just bringing....whatever (this is how we wound up with about 12-dozen eggs). We had amazing adult beverages, everyone bringing what they can't live without then sharing. We laughed...a lot, and spent most of the weekend talking (although, unlike previous years, we were able to get some reading of the books we'd brought done). We also spent most of the weekend on the deck. I wasn't razzed for not leaving the back deck this year not only because I was no longer the only one to stay camped there, but I was also one of the few to actually venture off into the back yard (although that was as far as I went).

We usually end up watching some weird, random movies, too, and this year proved no different. In what I can only describe as divine intervention, Mer wound up with a copy of Magic Mike to bring to the cabin. About halfway through, I decided I didn't want to waste any sunshine and sat outside. By the end, Mer had decided the movie had way too much storyline and not enough dancing. We found Legends of the Fall in the TV stand and I tried to sleep through most of what I deemed to be an incredibly disturbing movie.

Another thing proved no different: the obligatory group-shot.

 Myself, Breyon, Mer, April, and Tara, who alleges there is a picture of Saturday that exists but we have yet to see it.

Like the last two years, we weren't in too big of a hurry to head back to town come Sunday. After we cleaned up, everyone hiked up to the cemetery while I stayed behind and soaked up more sunshine on - you guessed it - the deck.

We got back to a very humid, muggy Billings - a stark contrast from the thin, mountain air we were just in - late afternoon to happy husbands and families. Jacob went camping with his friend while Zoey had a sleepover at her Grandparent's.

We sat around, talked, laughed, fell asleep on the deck, drank more than we probably should have, ate constantly, watched ridiculous movies, and just enjoyed a weekend of being able to do whatever we wanted, which happened to consist of mostly nothing. Elkhorn: Trilogy was an ultimate success. Can't wait until next year!