Saturday, July 27, 2013

Zoey, Meet Pinedale

As I mentioned in my previous, now critically-acclaimed post (at least by my Facebook friends) (just felt the need to mention that was tongue-in-cheek), Jacob and I loaded Zoey and the fur-babies into the car and headed off for a weekend in the middle of nowhere with my parents in Pinedale, Wyoming. Getting to be a yearly adventure for us, we've gone the last two years over the weekend of the Green River Mountain Man Rendezvous because that is when the town usually sees the most activity. Not that we really care, we mainly use the weekend to get the hell out of dodge.

As I also mentioned, this particular weekend out of town couldn't have come at a better time. Although getting there was tricky (we always manage to get lost at least once on the journey), and my condition hindered us from experiencing all that Pinedale has to offer (I may have slipped some sarcasm in there...), we all had a good time and wished it was slightly longer.

 Grandpa and Zoey on the Razr.

 We took off for the 7-hour drive much earlier than we did last year, expecting to arrive in Pinedale between midnight and 1am. But at some point we turned when we should have gone straight, thus making Jacob more tired and resulted in pulling over to rest for a little bit. So we didn't actually get there until early Saturday morning. I was still dealing with quite a bit of pain, so I didn't participate much in Saturday's activities beyond meals and when others wanted to come nap with me. Zoey was able to have fun and that is what matters to me most. Needless to say, she loved the "ATB."

 This is what Louis does a lot in Pinedale. He always hated any body of water, but after he discovered this pond and the fish it was stocked with, he's a total water-dog now. He once actually jumped into the bathtub of his own accord.

 Durbin will only go in up to his chest unless he encounters a situation where swimming is necessary to stay with the group. Otherwise, it takes *a lot* to motivate him to get into the water.

 But this one particular moment in time, he decided to jump completely in and fetch the stick.

 This is another one of Louis' favorite activities: staring. He's a quick one, though. My dad says he sees a gopher running for its hole and snatches it up in the blink of an eye.

 Durbin just kind of lays around, rolls in stuff, eats flies, and chases the ATV if he's feeling inspired. You can't make Durbin do something he doesn't want to do.

Pain, schmaine, I decided I wanted to be part of the fun.

 Rollin' with her homie. 

 Most of what Zoey had to say throughout the weekend was, "Grandpa, let's go fishing." "Grandpa, let's go on the ATB." "Grandpa, let's go to the pond." She loved every second of it. Finally; after 30 years, Dad finally has his perfect child. ;-)

 The Rendezvous parade is on Saturday but I slept through it and my mom and Jacob didn't want to leave me alone. A lot of the vendors were still there Sunday so - in my spirit of not wanting to miss out on all the fun -  we ventured out in the name of shopping (what else would get a sick girl outta bed?!). Zoey found this maraca and drum.

 I thought this was funny....

 Then we drove to Freemont Lake for an early afternoon cocktail.

One of America's deepest lakes, carved out by a glacier.

 Of course Zoey had to go play in it....

 Ahhhh!! The Grandpa Monster is coming to get you!!

She was cold, but still thought it was totally awesome.

 Practicing her swimming.

 Not really sure what we're all looking at...

 *crossing my fingers these aren't the catalyst in launching her Playboy career*

Just gonna top it off a bit...
(It's worth mentioning, she's not actually doing what it looks like she's doing.)

 After the lake, we got home, napped (what else?), and had some last "ATB" fun.

Going home.

We left our fur-monsters in Wyoming with my parents for the next week, which - given everything we'd been dealing with - turned out to be a bad idea; I never thought I would admit this, but I actually missed the fur-turds. Aside from digging through the trash five minutes after we left for bacon drippings, they were very good dogs, and had little interest in doing anything once they got home. Mission accomplished.

It was a short but sweet trip, a breath of fresh air right in the middle of two scary, unnerving events.