Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tourist in Our Own Town Trippin'

As you no doubt have committed to memory, over Memorial Day weekend is when Jacob and I celebrate our wedding anniversary. Yes, that's right - it's July 4th and I'm talking about Memorial Day. At least I'm keeping with the yay-America theme. Yay, America!

Jacob is usually the nice guy at work and winds up working most holidays. This Memorial Day he said, screw it, and took the day off so we could have a long weekend as a family. As usual, we were a little slim in the money department so we decided to play Tourist in Our Own Town.

 Our first stop was Boothill Cemetery right inside Billings. Only about 2 minutes with all green lights from our house, in fact. I pass it every day and have never taken notice other than it being a giant mound in the middle of a busy interchange. As you can see, the surroundings aren't that majestic but it was very neat nonetheless.

 I predict my grave site to look like this one day - covered in cacti. DON'T TOUCH ME!

 From there we drove to Pictograph Caves State Park, a place we had been to just the year before, but decided to make a return trip since we didn't get to do much walking around last time.

 Zoey did a great job walking, but she did get tired. Not surprisingly, there were a lot of relatively steep hills and Miss Independent refused our help most of the time.

This was one of the caves we neglected to check out last year. It's unfortunate that for a while the caves weren't kept up so seeing the pictographs is extremely difficult.

 For people who barely venture out of their house, I'm proud of this hike-walk we did.

 Treedome. (Friends of Sandy the Squirrel will get that.)

 It took us a few tries to remember how blowy flowies worked.

 Some of the interesting, random rock formations we found.

 Yeah, all that hiking around got us pretty pooped.

 After the caves, we decided to head for Chief Plenty Coups State Park. We had always seen signs for it, usually at the end of one of our trips and just wanted to head home. This is just a random old building on the side of the road. You see that a lot in Montana.

 The colors were like a painting.

Steggy (who comes all the way from a toy store in Tucson) came along too.

 I have to say, as someone who rolled through Guadalupe, Arizona and actually got out and walked around, driving through town to get to Chief Plenty Coups was a bit of a drive-with-your-doors-locked-and-windows-up experience.

 The Visitor Center, which didn't look at all open.

 Apparently, this was the house Chief Plenty Coups retired to and grew old in.

Zoey slept through the entire visit.

 On the way home, we found ourselves in front of, beside, or behind one doozy of a storm. I'm not much of a cloud picture-taker, but these were pretty Wicked Witch of the West-ish.

 They new what was up (and were unfortunately separated from the rest of the bunch).

The Yellowstone River as we got pack into town. We got back into Billings just after a rager of a storm left massive puddles on a lot of streets and intersections, and knocked out power for a lot of people and areas. The benefits of roadtrippin' are endless! And it was for this purpose that when Memorial Day weekend was the only date available at the wedding chapel, we picked it.