Saturday, June 22, 2013

Start to Summertime Fun

You've heard it constantly, if not uttered the phrase a few times yourself, so all together now:


To say we've been busy wouldn't be a complete outright lie, we've mostly been exhausted from the things that keep us busy. Zoey goes to bed and 30 minutes later, neither of us are barely conscious. But, of course, we've managed to make time for fun.

 First playground outing of the year! Of course, heading for the most difficult...

 Favorite thing to do there, by far. Going up and down the slide is a close second.

 On to the next thing!

 Makes friends everywhere we go.

 The outing quickly went from, "You'll catch me, right Mommy?" To, "You won't catch me, right Mommy? No, don't catch me!"

 Almost ready for those cross-country trips, Grandpa!

 She never meets a young boy who isn't willing to help her...

 We went out to dinner the night before Mother's Day instead of on the actual day. I had a nice Mother's Day. This is my favorite restaurant, Guadalajara's (where, as we waited for our table, witnessed two kids from two different families consecutively walk out of the restaurant holding and looking at some digital device. Our kid had a rock she insisted on picking up from the parking lot, and my sock change-purse filled with change.), Jacob cleaned the outside and inside of my car, made breakfast, and let me do little more than relax and read.
 Mother's Day with all my kids.

Mother's Day ended with some post-bath snuggles and "green" Tinkerbell (which is just called "Tinkerbell" but the disc is green).

Father's Day was a little more involved, he wanted to drive the Beartooth Pass.

 At this particular look-out point, many squirrels come out to greet the visitors. For the rest of the day, all Zoey talked about was how, "we saw chipmunks in the mountains! We saw Alvin!"

 *This* is God's country.

 Thank goodness "Zoey" got him this hat for Father's Day, it was chilly up in those mountains.

 Beartooth Lake.

 Lessons in being a nature-girl.

 Whew! Made it!

 She loves her water.

On our way back down the other side.

We've done a little more traveling, spending Memorial Weekend playing tourist in our own town. Otherwise, it's business as usual, trying to make each day better than the last.