Monday, March 25, 2013

The Best Anniversary of All

If you haven't noticed, I'm a commemorative person. Jacob isn't really, more just humors me, but he never forgets my birthday, our child's birthday, or our anniversary (aside from the fact that I "mention it in passing," starting a month before so he doesn't even really have a chance). But Jacob has been keeping marginal track of this particular anniversary.

Today, he is


smoke free!!

I don't have the words to describe how proud I am of him and how grateful for quitting. He had always wanted to quit smoking but got stressed at the mere idea. So he wound up quitting by default when we didn't have the cash for a pack. After three days, he decided he was strong and could keep it up, and now here we are, 362 days later.

At one year he:
  • smells and tastes things easier
  • snores less
  • gets over colds faster
  • has the risk half that of a smoker for coronary heart disease and stroke
  • has more energy
  • has improved blood pressure
  • has a lower risk of heart attack
  • has more normally functioning lungs
  • has arguably more money (in theory; we just end up spending it on something else, just not of the addiction persuasion. Pretty sure Vodka isn't an addiction...)
  • is less stressed (obviously this wasn't the case at first)
He'll tell you that his cravings today are just as strong as they were the day after he quit and maybe he's right; maybe he's just gotten better at handling the cravings. I mean, he can't rotate the tires on the car every few hours.

According to a few things I've read, cigarette-ditchers who make it to the 2-year mark have an 80-percent chance of remaining smoke-free for the rest of their lives. So let's continue supporting, encouraging, and distracting him! The list of benefits grows with each passing day, with the most important benefit of all - we get to keep him a little longer.