Sunday, March 24, 2013

Roadtrippin' Down Memory Lane

This spring has been a bit weird. One week it was in the 70's, the following week, freezing and snowing. So when it was nice, we took advantage of the nice weather (and the new tires Jacob was finally able to put on his Honda thanks to slow saving and the extreme generosity of our brother-in-law) and drove up to Red Lodge for the day. We've been through the town several times over the last several years, but this was the first time we went specifically to Red Lodge. Of course, we took the long way.

 A pro at the roadtrippin.' She devoured all parts of her Happy Meal then she napped.

 Dropping into Red Lodge.

As I'm sure you've committed to memory, the last time we visited Red Lodge was for our wedding.

Zoey fell asleep shortly before we reached Red Lodge, so we decided to check out the Red Lodge Mountain Resort, somewhere we've always talked about going - and more than just for a drive - but have never been able.

 I was like, "This is it? We're not missing much." Turns out, this is, like, the back of it, or something, and there is a lot more to the area, and way more interesting. So, yeah, still haven't seen the resort.

How Zoey rolls.

 We stopped and got out in Downtown Red Lodge.

 Before we even left the house, we decided it would be fun to have lunch at the place we had our wedding "reception, " The Red Lodge Pizza Company (which sounds way more ghetto that it is; it's a cute pizza restaurant with a nice, old-fashioned room in the back that hosts such event as wedding receptions). This was the first time we were having their pizza, or seeing the inside of the restaurant. (Sidebar: Zoey is coughing just as the picture was taken, not about to hurl her guts up as it suggests.)

 HUGE (and freakin' delicious!) pieces of pizza.

 Yes, he ordered that for himself...

 No way I wasn't going to at least try it.

That's right, I'm the chick who ordered a salad at a local pizza place. But it was freakin' good, and I had had nothing but pizza the last two days from our favorite pizza joint in Billings - of which we still had leftovers in the fridge.

 After we finished eating, Zoey wanted to ride the pony. It was a bit fast, and scared her for a split second, but then she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She wasn't about to go a second time, though.

 There is a bull of similar nature next to the horse and she thought for a moment she wanted to ride on it. We set her up there and she quickly decided, nope, not gonna do it.

 Daddy and daughter.

 A couple more downtown pictures. Tourists at heart.

 We don't usually bring the DVD player, or even really use it, but she was more in the mood for Tinkerbell than scenery she's grown up seeing; at least not until she gets to the nostalgic phase of her life.

 The Yellowstone.

 We pulled into Riverfront Park when we got into Billings. Zoey was fascinated by the lake, so we pulled in for a closer view.

It was nice to have the pleasant weather, but I'm kind of glad to be back to the cold, with a chance of moisture. It's only March, I'm not ready to bare my glaringly white skin. Let us get back from Arizona first.