Sunday, February 24, 2013


I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I think the best part about having children is that it allows you to relive your childhood, whether you start reminiscing of the things you had and played with triggered by some new, fancy toy no kid these days can live without, teach your kids the same, ancient songs, dances, poems, movies, and even TV shows you couldn't live without as a kid, and play the same games. It's amazing how riding-a-bicycle it is; just comes back to you out of nowhere. And what makes it really fun for us is that Jacob and I did a lot of little-kid stuff together, now we have our own little kid.

Chief among them: building forts. I mean, that's really what dining room chairs are for. This time, though, Zoey used the living room furniture.

 This is how it started out. She decided she wanted to build a fort and asked to have the blanket put over her. Then demanded, "Don't come find me in my fort!"

 She had some friends join her.

 Popped out long enough to ask for some Goldfish crackers.

 Coming and going.

 With Daddy's help, the fort grew to this.

 That one was actually big enough to play in.