Monday, January 28, 2013

New Year, New Trippin'

So now it's a new year. No more sparkly lights (at least from a few people, *ahem*), just cold, dark winter. We hadn't really done anything in awhile so a couple of weekends ago we decided we could stand it no longer and hopped in the car for sights unseen.

 Well, Jacob and I were excited...

The forest rejuvenating after a fire a few years back.

 We decided to head West. Jacob says everything East is pretty uninteresting and not very pretty. Sorry, Montana.

 Passing the town of Reed Point, where Jacob's BFF, Matt, is from.

 Off in the hazy distance, the Crazy Woman Mountains. Seriously; that's a real name. And, no, they were not named after me.

 Heading into the mountains.

 I swear, he only did this for picture purposes. But I'll be honest, I'm not a very good or willing navigator.

How I roll. Costco neck pillow, WHAT!

 The town of Livingston.

 We headed West to check out Bozeman.

Sup, Mom.

 We drove through and all around Bozeman. It's a very nice town. It reminded us of a ski town, more so after every other car we passed was adorned with a ski rack.

 One of the many mansion that take up the town. The city is very new, very color-coordinated, and very upper-middle class. We did drive through some not-so-nice parts, but it's a good idea to keep in mind it's also a college town.

Not exactly sure where we were going, we managed to find a non-interstate way to make it most of the way back to Billings.

 I'd love to tell you more about this picture but I honestly don't remember. The sign says "Upper Bridger," so, yeah, that sounds good. *thumbs up*

 After all these trips, I finally got it right: slippers.

If you're going to live in the middle of nowhere, that's the way to do it.

 She got sick of listening to our tunes so she sang along to her Elmo Pod (an Elmo toy that plays songs and looks like an iPod). (It's just a teensy bit dry this winter....)

 We definitely saw a lot of cows. I didn't know they could get such thick fur coats!

 A little town we went through that I can't remember the name of right now. Sorry, Montana!

 See above. Sorry!

 Makin' a run for it!


 Looks like it was a pretty tasty PB&J.

 This is how Miss Flexy points out the window.

 She did exceptionally well during our mini-roadtrip. She napped, snacked, looked out the window, commented on the sights, sang along to her Elmo Pod, was in good spirits, and we didn't have to plug in the portable DVD player once.

Being able to go places during the winter can be a toss-up, but it's nice to know that a sunny day for such activities will always be around the corner.