Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Reason for the Season

Christmas Day! Well, if you're a Christian, anyway. But, for us, Christmas Day is the reason for all of the extra stress, extra hours, extra lights, extra cooking, extra baking, extra shopping, extra people, extra eating, and extra drinking. And we've been lucky enough in our lives to only encounter people who feel that - come Christmas Day - it was all totally worth it.

We've had a variety of Christmases in our lives and I have to say that ones with lots of people are our favorites; there's tons of yummy food, lots of alcohol that no one judges you for drinking at 10am, tons of presents, and at least one person willing to watch a kid or two for a couple of minutes. And, of course, the sea of wrapping paper, tissue, and boxes.

After our nice Christmas Eve, we woke up and got ready to head to Grandma and Grandpa's.

 Jacob's Christmas, he got to take us all to Grandma and Grandpa's in his newly acquired 1989 Chevy Suburban.

 Just outside our neighborhood Christmas morning.

 All the kids.

 I hear for every kid above 2, you should have a seat separating them.

Cooney Dam, not far from Jacob's parent's house.

 Don't most parents looks this worn out Christmas morning?

 Once we got to Jacob's parents, matching Christmas teddy bear t-shirts awaited us. We took this after we got home at the end of the day.

 Kids tearing into some breakfast before tearing into what Santa brought.

 Miss Libby's first Christmas!

 Santa sure did come!

 Such good kids, how many can sit in front of a load of presents like that for pictures and not just turn around and go buck wild?

 Libby offering her cousin Zoey a helping hand.

 You can't see her face but, believe me, she was just as excited about her Dora the Explorer bath set as I was.

 Auntie Rachael and Cousin Layne

 "Santa" brought her some new shoes, natch!

 Wine glass markers courtesy of my sister in law. Along with the beautiful clutch she crocheted for me, these go with my overall gift theme - wine. Rachael also got me wine glasses, corkers, foil cutter, and a bottle to make it all happen.

 And then the post-un-wrap play begins! Zoey got a toy stroller which she LOVES. "Santa" brought her this Brobee backpack, which primarily resides in the stroller. She has put a few of her other stuffed animals in there since then. I ask where she's going and she either declares, "School!" Or, "The zoo!"

 Libby Lu doing her most favorite thing ever; the Johnny Jump-Up.

 Jacob, Zoey, and I (ok, mainly just me) got Libby a - what else? - purse. Complete with cell phone, crinkle cash, and keys.

 Zoey decided to play with the Sesame Street puzzles she got, while Auntie Rachael went to town during the assembly portion of Christmas day. 

 Alright, I'm done with this Christmas thing.

 Merry Christmas boys!

 Showing off her new pjs from Grandma and Grandpa Donahue and Brobee backpack from "Santa."

Newest must-have accessory for the Spring.

 My new slippers from Jacob.

 Zoey's new slippers, hand-crafted by her Auntie Rachael.

The next week, Jacob rockin' his The Dude t-shirt and Doctor Who Disappearing Tardis mug that I got for him.

 Over a week later and Christmas presents are still entertaining; success!! (To Louis, as well, who was playing with his new toy from Grandma Donahue)

 The post-Christmas look.

Toy and kid central!

The super-cool clutch Rachael made for me. It went perfect with the new shoes, pants, and crocheted sweater my mom gave me.

Christmas was a success and totally worth everything that went into it. Now we're just busy trying to get Zoey to understand that Santa doesn't bring presents every day.