Thursday, December 27, 2012

December to Remember

I know I say this every month/season/year, but this month has been a whirlwind, and almost completely Christmas-centered. This has been the longest Christmas of my life.

We recovered from Thanksgiving just in time to have a decorate-the-office party at work. There was food, booze, Christmas music, and decorations, all in preparation for the company's holiday Open House the first week of December.

 Rich and Joey getting started on the monolith of the tree.
 Most everyone converged around the food and adult beverages, of course.
 Fearless Jordan hanging some SS-appropriate blue decorations.
 Jeff putting up the garland, which needed lots of supervision, apparently.
 Katie helping with the tree.
 Kirk and Katie; lots of tree-ground to cover.

 Jordan's finished product.
 Leith and Haley, everyone had a turn at the tree!
 Mike, disrupting feeding time to hang the not-at-all-oxymoron-ish snowflakes and accompanying beach balls. Beach balls aren't ordinarily included in the festive decor, but this year's theme was Hawaiian Christmas.

 Back in Mike's cube, however, is where the *real* decorations where.
Christmas star? No thanks; I'll take the Cheese.
Our decorating party was also the day we got our company Christmas gifts (that I helped assemble): a Hawaiian-print beach/camping chair, beach ball, Hawaiian shirt, and a bucket filled with chocolate covered bananas, chocolate covered Macadamia nuts, chocolate covered coconut, and chocolate covered pineapple. After I brought it home, Jacob hit is pretty hard.
I was apparently having too much fun and eating way too many goodies because - CRACK! - one of my back teeth broke. It didn't bother me at first, then only started to become annoying when I made a dentist appointment. By the following day, the entire right side of my face was throbbing; it was the longest week of my life sustained only by the extra-extra strength acetaminophen the hospital sent home with me after giving birth.

The dentist told me it wasn't just my broken tooth, it was my wisdom teeth at the crux of all my problems. So I made another appointment a week later to rid myself of them. In between that time, I was, of course, regaled with story after story of my friends, family, and coworker's wisdom teeth removal. So far, 2 people have had them taken out at Veteran's offices and woken up to find the surgeon bracing themselves with their knee on their chests; and 2 people discovered their wisdom teeth were laying on their sides instead of up and down. The common theme: everyone was put under for the procedure, I was not; just Novocaine and nitrous oxide for this girl! Since the teeth were already through the gums, it wouldn't be nearly an ordeal. The only downside was that the nitrous didn't really help to relax me so I was more aware than I would have liked.

People suggested I put in earbuds and listen to music to distract me and help me relax. I learned this isn't the greatest idea. With your ears being plugged, the sounds inside your head are amplified, meaning I got Dolby Digital Surround Sound of the teeth being pried out of my skull. They decided to try and save the broken tooth by giving me a temporary filling in the anticipation of a future-root canal and crown. So 2013 is already looking like fun.

I'm amazed at how slow the recovery is. I had it done on a Wednesday, took Thursday off, but was still in pretty bad shape on Friday. By then I was more swollen and bruised too.

 When I spoke to my boss Friday morning, I was a little more swollen and had a slight bruise. By the end of the day, it was full-fledged purple.

I felt much better by Monday but realized talking, smiling, and laughing are main aspects of my job and I had just spent the weekend not doing much of anything. So by 9am Monday morning, my jaw felt like it had just done a Zumba class. A week and a half later, my jaw still aches, especially after bending over when all of my blood floods my jaw. I was on a mush-diet until I could take it no more; by the weekend I was SO hungry for anything and everything.

Overall, I do feel much better. As that lady who swooshed her newly cut hair as she walked out of Great Clips would say: "Wow! My head feel feels so much lighter!"

Jacob picked me up from the procedure only to find a text message from our daycare that Zoey woke up from nap with super-goopy eyes that looked pink. Awwweeeesssssooommmmeeeee. So instead of dropping me at home then going to get Zoey, we scooped her up as I continued to go through gauze every 15 minutes.

The next day, Jacob had to stay home and take care of us both. I was told not to lift or carry anything, not to bend over, and generally not to do anything that would increase my blood pressure, so he was left to tend to us girls. Zoey had to get antibiotic eye drops, which was - let me tell you - incredibly fun. We had to give it to her every 3 hours and she'd sob hysterically and cover her eyes with her hands. But after each time we did it - Jacob dropping it in while I pried her eyelids open - we praised her and told her how big and brave she was. After a few doses, she didn't cry, didn't cover her eyes, didn't squirm or flail her arms, and even just sat there and let us do our thing, which only ended up taking about 5 seconds, tops.

I was given antibiotics, and Vicodin for the pain, which really didn't work unless I mixed them with alcohol. I've since run out and the pain has subsided a great deal but I'm still hittin' the ibuprofen pretty hard. I was also given medicine and a giant plastic syringe to keep my wounds clean. It's not nearly has horrible as you might imagine.

In the middle of everything, we still got ready for Christmas. Zoey was a champ at decorating the tree, clumps of ornaments around the bottom of the tree and everything. She loves the tree, was super excited about Christmas, and had a pretty good handle on the idea of presents; sort of. I'd ask her, "What do you want for Christmas," and she'd respond, "Presents!!"

 The ornaments Jacob and I received in our 3rd grade class.
 Ta-da! We didn't have to worry about finding a tree this year, Jacob's parents gave us this fake, pre-lit one as a gift last year. For some reason, we both remembered it being smaller, but it fits nicely into our little lives.
 Admittedly, we told her not to play with the tree many times, but, of course, we didn't mind if she looked and touched the ornaments gently. She loved that she had a few special ornaments just for her.
Durbin enjoyed the tree, too; this has fast become one of his favorite napping spots.

Looking forward to Santa's arrival!

 Snow or no snow, the weather outside has been pretty frightful. So we bundle up!
(Please pardon Mommy & Daddy's messy room; it's the catch-all for all the crap we either don't know what to do with, or are too lazy to do anything with)
 The awesome scarf my friend, Mer, gave me. In return, I gave her (and her husband *wink, wink*) Fifty Shades of Chicken. Jacob and I went over to her house on Saturday night for gift exchange and happy hour. Her husband, Mark, makes the best dirty martinis that will get you drunk faster than you can say, "No thanks, I've had enough." Zoey wasn't left out in the cold, either; she got more candy (and a Popsicle!!) than she ever imagined.
Us girls are ready to keep warm.

Monday, we had our traditional Christmas Eve of a nice dinner then opened presents from Grandma and Grandpa Donahue. Jacob and I didn't open the presents to each other until Christmas morning but Jacob "made" me open one of my presents on Saturday:

He decided to go with the fail-safe Pashmina. :-D 

We're very lucky, Jacob was able to get off work Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas. With all the time we spent together - outside temperatures in the single digits and swarms of people kept us mostly inside - we watched a lot of Christmas movies. My pics: Miracle on 34th Street (1955), White Christmas, Home Alone(s), both Bridget Jones, Last Holiday, The Santa Clause, Elf, and Love Actually. His pics: Snowboarding video, a bunch of South Park Christmas episodes, Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo, The Fifth Element, a Family Guy Christmas episode, and  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (he also chose Die Hard but couldn't find it).

Just in case you felt left out and wished you had watched them with us.
It was starting to look like Montana - of all places - wasn't going to have a white Christmas; just a cold, frozen, windy one. But Old Man Winter prevailed and it started to snow Christmas Eve, leaving a nice blanket on Christmas morning. So now the weather is down to the single-digits and we're left to trudge through the rest of winter without all of the sparkly lights. Just as quick as it was here, it's gone.