Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thankful Our Tummies Are Still Intact

Like everything this year it seems, Thanksgiving snuck up on us rather quickly and took us by surprise. Case in point: I forgot to bring my camera to Thanksgiving festivities so I'll try to make this as descriptive as possible.

In an ugly twist fate, Thanksgiving could not be enjoyed to its fullest extent by Zoey and I, which sucks because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Sure, Christmas is great but I don't see unlimited and different kinds of potatoes stuffed under the Christmas tree.

The day started around midnight with Zoey waking up to be sick. Boy was it a blowout, and not the one and only, either. Poor girl got sick a few more times, her bedding changed each time, until she finally hit they hay. She woke up later Thanksgiving morning in generally good spirits and without a fever or complaints and asked for milk like normal so we snuggled up in Mommy and Daddy's bed for some Go Diego Go time (sidebar: sick or not, Zoey can count to 5 in Spanish). Zoey's tummy wasn't quite up for it yet that morning and our poor Zo Zo Bug let it blow all over Mommy and Daddy's (new!!!) bed. Snuggle-time over, it was time to get our sheets and blankets into the washer and dryer behind her second toddler set and various stuffed animals that got caught in the line of fire. And it was unimaginably hard to get regurgitated milk out of everything, so many things had to be washed more than once. To really round out the experience, I also found a spot in the corner where the dogs apparently had upset tummies of their own. *sigh*

We ex-nayed milk right after that and she seemed to recover with saltines and water. She ate less than normal throughout the day and had zero interest in Thanksgiving dinner, but seemed to remain in generally good spirits.

Per the usual, we went up to Jacob's parent's house for dinner. Also per usual, Jacob had to work, but was able to get off early so our trip to Columbus wouldn't feel rushed. Zoey had fun playing with Layne, and she did a little bit of snacking, but when it came time for the big meal, all she wanted to do was snuggle in my lap in the living room chair. I asked, "Do you want some dinner?" She shook her head no; I asked, "Do you want to stay here and snuggle?" And she nodded her head yes. I did get to eat; she was more concerned with being in my lap so she snuggled there while I wolfed everything down. Again, per usual, the food was amazing. I supplied the ever important green bean casserole - I don't think I would consider it Thanksgiving without - and we ate so much we had to take pie in doggy bag.

A good time was had by all, except for the donkey we passed on the way down to the house. We thought it would be a good idea to let the dogs out of the car and have them run with the car from Jacob's parent's mailbox to their house. They immediately started following the car until Louis decided to terrorize the donkey in someone's yard. Man, did that thing *scccccrreeeeaaaaammm*! We got Louis in the car before we'd wind up with another huge court fine, but, I'm sorry, every time I think about it, I can't stop laughing.

After it got dark, stuffed full, tired and snuggling, Jacob and I realized we still had bedding in the dryer, so over the river and through the woods, back from Grandmother's house we went. We pulled into Billings shortly after 7pm and passed a rather large line waiting outside Target, which wasn't that surprising since most of society seems to be trading a day to be thankful in for a day to greedily snatch up material goods made in Chinese labor camps with Mitt Romney's money. Just sayin'.

Zoey went straight to bed and was out like a light and Jacob wasn't far behind her around 8:30pm. For some reason, I was oddly wired despite recently fighting off a cold, turkey, home-brewed beer, and unbelievable amounts of the requisite foods. I woke up Friday morning and couldn't rid myself of complete exhaustion, so it was a pretty lazy day at home with way more than the allowed TV time. Jacob, of course, was back to work.

By Saturday, we had avoided the stores all too long and desperately needed to go food shopping so we braved Costco. Everyone must have worn themselves out by then because it was surprisingly less busy than normal. We had to go to Wal-Mart, too (sorry, picketers, but Sam Walden has a monopoly in Billings; Albertson's prices make me believe everything is plated in pure gold), which was also less-busier than normal. Later in the weekend, the weather started to turn, so we stayed in and continued some holiday-movie watching: Bridget Jones Diary, and Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason. Jacob doesn't complain too loudly, and actually laughs rather loudly.

Because we just can't tell our bodies that it's the weekend and we're allowed to stay up later, we fell asleep within the 9-o'clock hour. Then around Midnight, it was Mommy's turn to get up a few times throughout the night to be sick. I bounced back a little slower than Zo, I continued to be sick throughout the morning, and generally felt on the verge of it most of the day. Not able to enjoy the second best part of Thanksgiving, the leftovers - which we had forgotten the most important staple at Jacob's parent's house: TURKEY! - was kind of depressing; the day-after-Thanksgiving meal is one of the best, and we unwittingly deprived ourselves of the coveted turkey, stuffing, gravy, Cool-Whip sandwich.

The bright side was that Zoey seemed to be back to her old, tip-top shape and feeling up to eating regular meals. The downside, however, was that Jacob and I were not. And before your kid turns 12, who takes care of you if both parents are sick?? We went to bed early only to find ourselves facing the same routine - up at midnight and every few hours thereafter to pray to the porcelain gods. Jacob said it's been a long time since he felt so awful. Me, it was reminiscent of my thisclose-to-being-admitted-to-the-hospital morning sickness so I just prayed I wasn't pregnant and having to deal with this for the next 4 months.

Slowly but surely, as a family, we're nursing each other back to health. Now we just feel weak, like we ran a marathon *and* hurled at every stop, and are trying to be careful with food and not really trusting anything that sounds even remotely appealing.

Spending the Thanksgiving holiday hunched over the toilet is definitely not how we would have preferred to spend the weekend; although if you really think about it, is probably pretty appropriate. It just goes to show you life doesn't always happen how you had planned or would have liked; I recall one fateful family vacation to Arizona as a child where we all fought for toilet space.

A family that pukes together, stays together.