Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hocus Pocus Community Focus

Every year the engineering firm I work for holds a chili luncheon/cook-off with all proceeds benefiting United Way of Yellowstone County. This being my first year with the company, I mostly observed the vets plan the event. It turned out great, everyone had fun, there was great food, and it was estimated to be one of the largest raised amounts since they started hosting the event. I contributed by bringing a crock-pot of chili, helped decorate, a la our witches and warlocks theme, and brought my Ricky-costume-clad husband who donated for both our lunches, and an extra one. There were over 10 pots of chili and mine was wiped out! Mom's recipe. :-)

Char in Accounting. 

Boss Lady can be a real....

Jacob came to support the cause, and the TV station let him stay on the clock since it was for charity.

My coworker, Haley.

Michael, the CEO.

 The giant black kitty that hung out in the foyer for the event.

 The resident Warlock.

 A variety of people came in costume,which was pretty cool. It was kinda fun to get into the spirit, especially for charity.

 Some festive coworkers. 

Naturally, all of us joked that this was the one day we *weren't* in costume.

Overall, everyone considered the day a success. People from United Way even joined and had a great time. With homemade chili and muffins and cookies donated from some local restaurants, how could you go wrong? We were so pleased with how things turned out, we even started talking about what to do next year. Pimps n' Hoes was a popular suggestion.