Wednesday, November 14, 2012

For Real Halloween

With Thanksgiving a week away, I promise this is my last Halloween post.

While I realized that Halloween really can be a lot of fun, no matter how you slice it, it will be a lot of work, too. The United Way chili feed at work was on Halloween, so when I got home that evening, it was time to re-costume for trick-or-treating in my friend, Mer's, neighborhood. We did the same last year, and like I said then, it's like trick-or-treating in the movies.

For Halloween at daycare, Zoey was [the next] ASU cheerleader. She refused to be a cheerleader, though, responding to, "Are you a cheerleader?" with, "No! I'm a Princess!"

Hey, I always wanted a cheerleader outfit when I was little and the thing probably cost Grandma close to $100, you're wearing it and you'll like it!

 For trick-or-treating, we glitterfied and headed out as a Fairy Princess (Tinkerbell, specifically).

 All ready to hit the streets!

This is how we roll, Halloween style. Two suckers, no waiting.
Our first stop was at our neighbor, Joanne's, who gave Zoey these suckers. Now, every time we see Joanne, Zoey declares, "I want suckers!"

 At Mer's house, getting ready for candypalooza. Her costume ended up working with her to-keep-warm attire, good thing most everything she owns is covered in sparkles.

 Mer gave all the kids flashlights. Zoey and Jules enjoying theirs.

 All the kids, fur and non, (my friend and book-club amiga, Whitney's daughters, Jules and Jane) ready to hit the streets in the name of free candy. Boone - the Golden Retriever - was a Griz player/fan, Kona was a cooler. Literally. She supplied Mer and I with Cheladas so walking around in the freezing dark didn't seem like such torture.

 Getting the hang of things.

 Zoey's main issue: she wanted to go inside every house we went to. From talking with some friends, I learned this is completely normal behavior for a toddler's first time trick-or-treating.

 Trying things out for herself with the other kids.

Yup, that's half a Snickers she's holding there, the other half is in her face.

Photo-bomb by an 80's aerobic instructor! (Whitney's daughter, Jules)

Make that Vampire 80's Aerobic Instructor.

A few houses in, these two - Whitney's other daughter, Jane - rode in the stroller and ate candy.

Going back for more.

Halloween moon.
 This house went above and beyond the call of Halloween duty, supplying trick or treaters with fresh-made cotton candy.
 Our big girl getting this thing called trick-or-treating handled. After riding in the stroller for a couple of streets, Zoey and Jane decided they were ready for more.
Excited about their new loot.
A lot of houses went all out with the decorations, this one was particularly creepy with a giant bat over the garage door, and giant spiders crawling around on the house.
 Back at Mer's house, it was organize candy and temporary tattoo time (Zoey's lasted well into the beginning of November because she refused to let me scrub it off, and *scrubbing* is exactly what needed to be done).
 Jules, sporting hers.
 Jane mesmerized by hers.
 Zoey checking out hers.
 Mer showing Zoey's to her in the bathroom mirror.
 Trick-or-Treater OUT!
With the holiday officially over, we discovered a benefit to Zoey being so young - 2-year old attention span means she forgot about her candy by the next day. Coincidentally, though, so did we.

Which was fine since too much candy will make you sick. :-)