Sunday, October 7, 2012

Perfect Fall Day

If I'd had any better of a day, I'd be shitting Hallmark cards. But seriously, we had one of those days that you imagined was the inspiration for a Norman Rockwell painting. You wouldn't have predicted it since we went to bed Friday night with this:

I don't know when the first snows took place in previous years but it feels early this year; October 5th. So we woke up to fresh snow Saturday morning and decided to take a road trip to find some more.

We didn't. It was 80-degrees on Tuesday, 40 and snowing on Wednesday, so the ground was pretty warm. And at the first sign of Mr. Sun, any traces of snow vanished. What we did find was some brilliant fall colors.

 Just after turning on the road to Edgar.

 Entering Edgar, MT.

 Mer is always telling me how great the Edgar Bar is; there it is, the red building on the left. We didn't stop but I hear they have amazing steaks.

 Being silly in the back.

 I think she's finally got the idea of a road trip. We didn't bring any toys or the DVD player and she enjoyed herself and was in good spirits the entire time.

 Things get pretty desolate pretty quickly.

 Our own personal radio, singing Mary Had a Little Lamb.

 We think this is the town of Pryor, MT.

 Capturing some of the changing fall colors. I get why people like fall so much; it's fleeting. Before you know it, it will be below-freezing and everything dead (instead of, you know, on the way to being dead).

 This is how we roll.

 Super proud of herself for getting her socks off.

 Crazy tree.

 Dropping into what we assumed to be Blue Creek, MT.

 We decided we must live there.

We wound back into Billings, discovering we weren't that far from it to begin with. It's amazing how the middle of nowhere is just in your backyard sometimes. We came upon Riverfront Park and decided it was a good place to get out of the car.

Daddy could barely get her jacket on, Zoey was brimming with such excitement.

 Some action shots Daddy took of the geese.

 Well, hello, there, giant zit and blatant strand of grey hair...

Family shot for family day!

 Totally pretending I'm on America's Next Top Model right now.

 Skipping rocks with Daddy. Well, Daddy was skipping them, Zoey was just sort of plunking them in.

 Me, in the meantime, looking like a bear cub, except bear cubs are much cuter.

Guess she didn't approve of our music choices. Two years old and already a critic.

We got back in the car and made it home before nap time (2+ hours, thank you outdoor adventures!), and were presently assailed with the smell of crock-potted pork loin, red delicious apples, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

I made oven-roasted red potatoes and salad to accompany. Yes, it does look like vomited entrails on a plate, but it was quite tasty. When I cut into the pork to see if it was done, it just fell apart.

It was the perfect fall day, if there ever was one (minus the apple-picking, which, I don't really understand why that's fun). With the crazy summer we had, who knows what Old Man Winter has in store for us; he might be cranky his time was cut short last year. I hope fall sticks around a little bit longer, I still have a lot of pumpkin spice candle to burn, hot apple cider to drink, and bags of candy corn to consume.