Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Prep (Who Knew There Was Such a Thing)

I'm a self-proclaimed Halloween-hater. I tried to enjoy it as a kid but it seemed like there were always obstacles in my way.

First: the costume. I was never creative and/or artistic enough to be able to match my costume to what I pictured in my head. And if I was lucky enough to have a coolish costume, I had to cover it up with snow pants, snow boots, heavy jacket, hat, and mittens anyway, and walk around in the dark. Not the greatest for those years I was a princess.

Second: school parties. Ok, everyone looked forward to the school Halloween party. Our elementary school (Jacob and I went to the same one for a short time) did a costume parade, and the 6th graders turned their classrooms into haunted houses. That was until the religious moms dug their claws into the fun and snatched it away from everyone else. Halloween has a legitimate history. If you don't want to celebrate it, that's your business; keep your kids home that day. But does it really help to ruin the fun for everyone else? So school Halloween parties were then transformed to Dress As Your Favorite Story Book Character Day. I went as Stacey from The Baby Sitters Club.

Third: movies. I'm not a big fan of the horror genre in general, but I've been known to enjoy a goofy scare here and there. But horror movies have moved beyond monsters and zombies to exploiting the very worst of the human race. I have a friend who lives for horror movies and was so repulsed by The Hills Have Eyes that she walked out of the theater. Yes, that shit is scary, but I could save myself the $50 it takes to go to the movies and just watch the news.

But I have to suppress my urge to be a total curmudgeon because I have a child, and children remind you of why everything is fun. So, unlike the last few years, I'm not pretending Halloween doesn't exist, not not dressing up, and not leaving the lights off and not answering the door for trick-or-treaters. And for the first time since high school, I'm actually preparing for Halloween.

Now, I use the term "preparing" loosely, as in, loading up on everything I could find in under 5 minutes at the dollar store. We did find some cute decorations, and about as far as I have the energy to go.

 Now our house has two witches! ;-)
 The all-important Halloween centerpiece.
 Inflatable Pumpkin.
 Halloween decorating, toddler style.
 Now there are two Skelators in the house. ;-)
 Zoey helping me unwrap the spiders and spider webs.
 Admiring our work.
There was one aspect of Halloween I was looking forward to resurrecting: pumpkin carving. Like I've told anyone who will listen to me for more than 30-seconds, I haven't had a Halloween pumpkin since high school. And, of course, roasting and eating the seeds are the best part. I figured Zoey was at an age where she would enjoy it too, getting to play in the goop.
 She was pretty excited when we got the pumpkins, constantly declaring, "This is Zoey's pumpkin; and this is Mommy's pumpkin."
 Daddy getting started on his.

(Carefully) Making sure the inside is nice and clean for Daddy. And I was wrong, she had zero interest in the pumpkin innards. I put her hand in the pumpkin and she jerked it out and said, "Eeeeew! That's gross."
 Watching Mommy get going on her's.
 Daddy putting on the finishing touches.

 Admiring Daddy's handiwork.
 Mommy's finished product. Jacob did a pattern from the pumpkin carving kit (seriously didn't know such a thing existed, thought people were just super-talented at wielding a kitchen knife), while I opted for the more traditional Jack-O-Lantern.

Happy Halloween!!