Monday, September 24, 2012

The Dirty Thirty

Well, if we're going to get technical, my 30th birthday was pretty rated-G. I don't remember how I entered my 20's, and we all know you don't count being in your 20's until you're 21. That involved a day of classes, dinner with friends, a power-hour that meant being required to drink everything that was placed in front of me from midnight until 1am, an excruciating economics class the next morning, and a hungover weekend in Vegas.

This year - for my 30th - I woke up at 5am, went to work, came home to have dinner (yum-tastic homemade French Dip and homemade French fries; the Hubs can cook), went to book club, and was home before the toddler went to bed. I am not complaining in the slightest, that's about all I can handle and equals a pretty exhausting day.

My birthday was very book-alicious. I came home the night before, disappointed I had left my book at work, so Jacob insisted that I open one of his presents. It was:

I got up early the next morning and read the first 30 pages. Yup, I'm hooked; and totally one of those suckers who thinks there's a chance it could totally be real.
When I got to work, I was met with a very nice surprise:

 Applicable Princess motif.

My under-desk-chair mat. LOL!!

My coworker celebrated her birthday a few weeks prior so she got to brag that she's "still in her 20's!"

Best boss ever!! Booze, jewels (paper weight, as well as a necklace), sweets, and shoe!

 Later in the afternoon, my sweet husband surprised me by stopping by with flowers and candy. He must know me, or something; especially the chocolate band-aids, "For life's boo boos."

My friend, Mer, sent me this extremely appropriate and thoughtful card. I tried to eat it; it didn't taste like margarita. :-( Guess that means we'll have to find the real thing!

 All hail the birthday Princess!! :-D

 Payin' the presents forward.

As much as I teased that it was my birthday-week, I really was able to celebrate all week. On Monday and Tuesday, I annoyingly told people they were the last days of my 20's, bought a book for myself - my high school friend's mother, Dianne Jewkes's, The Heart You Own - made a fuss over myself and wasn't sorry about it on Wednesday, a coworker took me out to lunch on Thursday, and my boss and other coworker took me out to lunch on Friday. I felt thoroughly spoiled.

I suppose the only similarity between this birthday and my 21st is that the bar we went to for our book club meeting bought my $2.75 beers. Yeah, that's right - we go to a bar for book club. Don't pretend you're not jealous and think we're awesome.

My birthday celebrating continued into the weekend as my parents, and in-laws came into Billings to help celebrate Zoey's 2nd birthday the following week. I got a cute top (that I got many a compliment on at work today), earrings and necklace set, lip gloss (some I just happened to see in a glossy and decided I wanted; ESPN is real, people), a sewing kit and box to keep it all in from my mother-in-law, a bottle of wine from my sister-in-law, and the greatest present a would-be home-made mom could ask for:

That's right. Be jealous.

 The next morning, we made cookies before having breakfast. That's right; I *am* the best mom ever.

 Would-Be Home-Made Mommy's little helper!

Watching it "go 'round and 'round."

I had a very good birthday, I was very pleased with the start of my 4th decade. The only thing that sucks is I'm a real adult now; not just a my-bad-decisions-are-mine-to-make-because-I'm-an-"adult" adult, and that now I'm expected to get my shit together; so I guess that means I'll have to get my shit together.

I am definitely lucky in that I had many kind people show me love on my birthday. Many, many thanks!