Monday, August 13, 2012

You Aren't One Until You Have One

This weekend was a milestone for the Zoe-ster; we took the plunge and converted her crib to a toddler bed.


A handy trip over to and I learned we weren't late to the game, and since she sleeps so well in the crib and has never even tried to climb out of it, I could even wait a little bit longer if I really wanted to. But since she's slept in big-person beds at her Grandparents, we decided there really wasn't any reason to hold out any longer. She was even on-hand to help assemble it.

Once it was all set up, she discovered what it was really for.... *sigh*

Daddy giving her the royal tour.


 It was set up after nap time and before bed time so bed time was our maiden voyage.

 *Sniff* My big girl's big-girl room, *SNIFF* her changing table making a nice coloring station storage, and place to keep one of her many toys off the floor.

Part of what inspired the bed-change was I finally bit the bullet and cleaned out the storage hull that was Zoey's bedroom closet. It housed everything that didn't fit, wasn't played with, or too-big for. So I sorted everything into trash, give away, store for next baby, and sort-of turned her closet into a little play-nook. I know, I'm so Martha Stewart. I just figured it's her space, she should be able to use it. She LOVES her room.

So now I bet you want to know how the first attempt went........

As if you didn't know (lookin' at you, Grandparents), she did amazing.

We don't have a baby-gate (I know, we're such hippies. More like lazy and broke), but we do have outlet plugs and a baby monitor so we shut the door. She was quiet for a minute then started banging on her xylophone and singing Twinkle Twinkle to herself. But we considered she might still be in bed since the toy was on the floor next to it. Then we heard the Popper start to pop which, if you've ever seen one knows, only pops when you push it around on the floor. She did some more talking to herself, and collected some more bed-items (we found her first Sleepsuit so now she needs Suit and Other Suit everywhere she goes). After she was quiet for awhile I checked on her and found the Popper back in her toy bin and she had tucked herself back into bed. It's stuff like this that just melts my cold, black heart.

 Her first night in her big girl bed.

Looks exactly the same but this was nap time the next day. She fussed a little bit more (and by "fussed" I mean, threw a tantrum and cried) than bed time but kids don't understand why they have to stop playing to sleep. But even though she cried, she stayed in bed, and was quiet shortly thereafter and drifted off to dream-land.

I love that she's getting older and more independent, and especially more imaginative. Tonight right before bed she told me she was a frog, hopped around and said "ribbit, ribbit."

We have noticed some disadvantages to the big-girl bed, though, mainly using it as a jungle gym, jumping in it, being able to take drinks and crayons into her bed (which we're sometimes too slow to notice until the sheet is covered in apple juice and/or blue crayon), and waltzing right into Mommy and Daddy's room at 7am exclaiming, "HI MOMMY! HI DADDY!" Ok, yeah, it was pretty freakin' cute. But that only flies Christmas morning.