Saturday, August 18, 2012

Girls and a Ghost Town: The Sequel

Because I know you have nothing better to do than follow the nuances of our daily lives, you easily recall last year's escape to Mer's father-in-law's cabin in Elkhorn. We had so much fun last year, we decided to make it an annual event, and actually mean it. There were five of us: Tara, Mer, and I (3 of the 4 Girls Weekend Founders), and Mer's friend and friend/coworker, Debbie and April.

We loaded up Mer's Pathfinder with more food and booze than you can imagine, and hit the road to no husbands, no children, no cell phone service, and no real responsibilities besides making sure we were squeezing in some sips of water here and there. We left shortly after work and arrived around 11pm. Surprisingly, even after talking through most of the car ride, we stayed up until 2am talking some more. Again I surprised myself and woke up at 8:30am instead of 6:30am Saturday morning.

We all wanted to use the weekend of quiet in the mountains to get some reading of books done, so since I was the first one up, I headed out on the porch to read. In the end, I think we read about 10 pages between us, my contribution being 1.

 From one side of the back porch, facing the relative direction of the entrance to the ghost town.

 The mine. Still cool.

 Off the back of the porch.

A couple of Jacob's favorite things are very old cars and very old buildings; he's very interested on what happened long ago. So I took these for him.

Off in the distance, right before the trees, is an old yellow tow-truck.

Chips, salsa, Margarita = breakfast of champions. But Tara is right: "HEY! It was, like, 11:30!"

Looking up at the town.

We learned there was an annual race making a pass through the town for the first time, happening that weekend: a 50-mile - FIFTY MILES?! - event appropriately called The Hurl. Starting around 9:30 in the morning, we heard intermittent cheering so around noon we decided to walk down and check it out. Oh, that's Mer, by the way.

 Some scenery along the way.

 Mer, April, Tara, and Debbie walking down to see what we could see of the race. Debbie and I are the only one's unshowered and still in our PJ's but, fortunately for me, I'm behind the camera.

One of the bad-ass racers making her way to the halfway point (25 MILES!). And these weren't young-chickies, either, these were retired-aged people. And as young chickies, we were making a pretty bad name for ourselves, just rolled out of bed, at least 3 drinks in our systems, and still in PJ's.

 This is where runners checked it at the halfway point, pointed in the continuing direction (straight up a hill, naturally), and offered a shot of Whiskey. Nope, not kidding. That should pretty much solidify the hurling part.

 Tara being silly.

 We saw about 4 runners, decently spaced, and did our best to cheer them on. Tara doing her best to cheer on this gentleman coming down on the road.

 Back at the cabin, we grabbed some food, drinks, our books and headed outside. But like I said, no one got any real reading done. This is Debbie, proving the success of Girls Weekend.

Mer and April catching some rays.

 Off the front porch, around 7:30pm. We lost complete track of time and didn't do anything at any sort of normal hour. It was shortly after this we remembered to put the pizzas in the oven.

 Yes, yes we did bring enough food.

 From the field in the back of the cabin.

 Looking at the back of the cabin, April, Mer, and Debbie are on a blanket soaking up the last of the sunshine. And when the sun goes down, it gets pretty chilly pretty quickly.

The sun going down Saturday.

We didn't get to bed until almost 3am on Sunday so I was able to sleep in until 8:30 Sunday morning. Everyone woke up, we gradually cleaned and straightened up the cabin, had breakfast, and got ready to go on one final walk around the area, to Dego Town.

 Tara talked about her Cocoa Cool all weekend but didn't bust it out until the final meal on Sunday. From what I understand, worth the wait. That is April in the background making her bomb-ass pancakes, which included oatmeal. Who knew?! So yummy and filling! I brought fresh fruit and April also made scrambled eggs with - wait for it - cream cheese - and they were rich and delicious! We definitely decided we were eating better than our husbands that weekend (except mine since he stayed the night at his parents' with Zoey).

Mer and Debbie enjoying some pre-walking, post-breakfast sit-time and beverages.

 Since we hadn't been to this part of town, this we a new walk, with new sights. So interesting these old buildings, and how people just leave them there, untouched.


 April and Tara walking passed the Shoemaker's Shop.

 Walking up towards the mine.

 The mine.

 Mer, Debbie, April, Tara.

Random buildings on site with the mine; I wonder what they were for.

 An extremely old and decrepit water tower on the way to Dego Town.

 Tara on the way to Dego Town.

 We got off-course a little to check out another mine, or the same mine; I don't know, I lost track and the weekend involved a lot of drinking. But anyway, here are some old buildings, and a random pole, across from the mine.

 The mine.

 Looks like part of it caved in, or something.

We got back on course and this is entering Dego Town, April braving it first.

 More very old buildings mark the town.

 April and Mer checking out some of the buildings. Surprisingly, there were quite a few, and they were relatively spread-out.

 And surprisingly large.

 Some bones I found, which are everywhere. Mer speculated they were probably from a cow, but I think that's boring so I'm going to say they came from a mean Grizzly bear.

Mer checking out another building.

 Mer catching some shade - it was freakin' HOT! - and April hiking around. It was quite the terrain, as well, I'm glad I brought shoes that resembled sneakers.

 Mer and I and the Bud Light/Clamato I just couldn't bear to leave behind. Hey, we all have our different kinds of fuel.

 A very old stove in one of the houses in Dego Town.

 Getting back into Elkhorn.

 Heaps of wood that I've decided were buildings that just collapsed and left in those spots.

 Group shot! Me, Mer, April, Debbie, and Tara.

Not ready to let go of girls weekend!

We took our time getting packed up and finally got back in cell service around 1pm. As a bonus, I had a voicemail from my dad that he would be passing through Billings. I had no idea when the message was left but things worked out as he showed up at the house about 20 minutes before I came home. Between him, Zoey, and Jacob it was quite the homecoming.

It was another successful girls weekend for the books. I can't wait until next year. :-)