Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dog Days Aren't Yet Over

As someone who lived in Arizona for six years, then Florida for almost two, I am so fucking sick of summer. The days over 100-degrees have far outnumbered those below zero during arguably the coldest months in Montana. The temperatures got warm very fast, and there has been so little rain there was only about a week when things were sort-of green.

While summer is supposed to make everyone happy and carefree, I was mostly irritable and depressed. I couldn't cook, couldn't bake, couldn't really keep up on housework, couldn't find a comfortable temperature in the car, couldn't warm up at the office, couldn't stop worrying about smelling like BO, couldn't get comfortable at night, couldn't really play outside during some parts of the day, and couldn't plan anything without taking into consideration the times of day when it feels like your skin is frying off.

But, as you know, we, of course, found things to occupy our summer that seemed to fly by like the speed of light. It's the end of August, who saw that coming?!

 I tried to read as much as I could over the summer, but I didn't make it very far through my reading list. I even read one that wasn't on my list but I had to for when book club meets again in September.

 You know me, I'll read anything, but I am reading How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It. And Oprah's testament was correct; guys do love it!


 So we'll go play in the mud instead.

 Ages since it's rained, we turned the sprinkler on in the backyard.

 Then went to town!

Louis and Daddy: Mud Play Supervisors

 Yeah, she really gets down in there. 

 Louis is always standing by.....waiting for.....something...


 Exclaiming, "I got a stick!"

 My gorgeous, muddy baby.

 Daddy put on his shit-kickers and splashed around in the mud, too.

Post-Mud bath-time!

We did spend a good deal of the season running through the sprinkler. The heat made us not want to leave, yet leave at the same time; cooler air conditioning in the car and other buildings, but still have to spend a certain amount of time in the heat. Wow, I've become quite the complainer in my almost-old age.

But we still needed things, and staying in the house too long isn't good for any body (except maybe people who want to improve their marriage without talking about it).

 Jacob needed new shoes so here they are! Yes, those are built-in toes. Totally kidding. They weren't the right size.

 Zoey did get a new book, though; Dora the Explorer Scavenger Hunt. And she's amazing at it too. I'm amazed at how many objects, shapes, and colors she's aware of. She's getting very good at stringing words together to make sentences, and having a back-and-forth conversation.

Playing Peek-A-Boo with her new book.

 I didn't get a new pair of shoes (pretty sure there is a snowball in Hell right now), and neither did Zoey (at least that weren't graciously donated to her), but she likes to parade around in Mommy's. She already has them mastered and is able to tool around sans hand-holding. Video coming soon, I swear.

Looks like they're headed for a night on the town. Aint no better way to do that than in red heels!

 My babies with their Suits.

 Coloring and/or eating while watching Mickey Mouse Number Round-Up. Yup, dogs know where to hang-out during food-time (which is pretty much all the time).

 Pooped babies.

 A lot of the time we're home, especially in the morning and after nap, Zoey wants to snuggle in "Mommy bed," and watch "Boo Clue, (Blues Clues) or Dora the Explorer. It's just too cute, and if she asks nicely, of course we can't refuse. We try to keep it to an hour at most, though.

 Smacked my head in the door-frame (yes, I do that. I also stub my toe while sitting, and fall out of my chair trying to stand up), Jacob ran and got from the freezer what he knew would make it all better: frozen pina colada. 

 My boss has a 7-year old son, who is the cutest kid ever and is Zoey's BBF, gave Zoey these shoes. It's hard to tell from the picture but they're rubber green clogs with frog eyes over the toes. She LOVES them. She gets mad because they're just a schmidge too big so she can't walk and run as easily as in her other shoes.

 We spent a good amount of time outside, especially thanks to the bench her grandparents got her. She loves to point out the "choo-choo," and animals.

WTF, dogs?! Since we spent so much time outside, I had to keep up on keeping the backyard dog-poop-free. I guess the dogs showed me how they felt about that. This was just after I cleaned, too.

We have another couple of weeks of temperatures in the high-80's, low-90's, so these really are the dog days of summer; whatever that means. And I've heard this winter, El Nino, La Nina, El Polo Loco, whatever, will have an affect and it will be a balmy winter. We're just looking forward to the temperatures dropping another 10 degrees, as I'm sure is most of the country. Makes you think Al and Peg Bundy were really on to something.