Saturday, August 11, 2012

As the Fan Turns

Having a child, needing to introduce every single thing to someone, makes you realize that we really don't appreciate every, little thing perhaps like we should.

With that in mind, I present you with The Love Affair of Fan.

If you live in cave, you've not only died of heat exhaustion, you're also aren't aware that it's been hotter than Hell around most of the country, so we broke out the standing fan pretty early. And Zoey took a liking to it as soon as she noticed it. I'm not entirely sure what her obsession with fans are (since taking to this one, she loves the desk fan in her room, and the ceiling fans in every room), but she interacts with them like they're her friends. She's always asking to turn them on, and if the standing one isn't osculating, she asks us to make it "turn around." She's so fond of Mr. Fan that she's even offered him a snuggle with Schute, Bankie, and Foofie.

Kids being infatuated with fans isn't anything new to me, just not quite to this level. But, of course, we thought/think it nothing but cute, and a good sign that she is learning to love and nurture....umm...anything..