Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Days, Driftin' Away

Now you'll probably have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

You're welcome.

Summer - well, life - has just been speeding along like crazy. Sometimes I actually have to stop and think to remember we're in the middle of July; then of course, take a few minutes to contemplate and discuss how crazy it is we're in the middle of July. Not that you wouldn't know it was summer with the weather, more than a few days have reached over 100-degrees. Holy Hell!! Literally! (Except not literally because Hell is not Holy. Ok, now that we're all clear).

All 115.8-pounds of me blow over in a stiff breeze, and I've been known to wear a sweatshirt when the inside of the house is 80-degrees, but there were more than a few instances where I couldn't stand to wear my my-sweater-makes-this-outfit-office-appropriate sweater from the car to the building.

So even though we've been moving a little more slowly and with less clothing, this summer has definitely been busier than last, mostly because Zoey is older. And, yes, ok, my new job keeps me very busy. The law firm was steady-busy whereas this is more of a roller coaster ride. But I'd like to think we've adjusted fairly well. I have noticed, though, that I've written way less this year than I did last. I guess it took me a year to realize how uninteresting I actually am.

So, now what you come here for: pictures!! This is what we've been up to in the Arizona-esque Montana heat:

 Playin' in our Tinkerbell jammies in the morning before it got too hot. Then we went inside and watched...what? Tinkerbell. But she's been enjoying Mickey Mouse Club House Number Round-Up lately, which just creeps Jacob and I out. Sorry Mickey, but "puzzle" is not where I immediately go - but rather something widely inappropriate - when you sing, "A fizzle, a fozzle....!"

 She's wearing my men's-style watch. She did watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians as an infant during some of those middle-of-the-night feedings.

Starting early on Glamour's 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She's 30. Two servings of all natural fruit (in that handy, portable, not-always-handy squeezable pouch), she's off to the right start!

 Hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's room, she decided she wanted to play in Mommy's shoes. With Mommy in the living room, Daddy gave her a helping hand. We then decided this was probably something  Mommy should help with, instead.

 She has a very good concept of which shoe goes on which foot; if she gets it wrong, she'll fix it without prompting.

 There's a certain learned technique to walking in heels, which ultimately made it I so trip whenever I wear flats.

 Don't worry, girl, it took me awhile to master it too.

 Some lounge-time at home.

A glimpse into our 14-year future.

 Having some indoor fun, stopping to give me a CHEESE.

 Super Baby!

Besides us, the dogs have had some summer adventures as well, spending two weeks with my parents in Pinedale, Wyoming. They had some very dog-worthy adventures, of which I'll write about later, and post my mother's pictures. SPOILER ALERT: One of the dogs - and not the one you think - drug a dead baby antelope from my parent's pond.

 On the day the puppies were to return, we hung around the house and did house-things. You know, the things you usually do when you're about to get two big, black dogs: clean. Daddy also built the new benches Grandma and Grandpa Donahue got for Zoey, and Jacob and I. Here they are enjoying the finished product; and, of course, admiring the sprinkler. It's right up there with birdies, cars, and leaves.

 She enjoys running through the sprinkler, but more so if she has a companion.

Takin' a quick break.

 Mommy's turn!

 Mommy and Daddy, sprinkler-spattered, taking a break.

 Learning how it works; good thing it's not hooked to anything, kid.

 Grandma and Grandpa Donahue arrived early evening on the 24th with the very tired and happy-to-be-home fur babies. As you can see, *someone* wasn't very thrilled to see them.

 Durby totally hates it.

 The next morning, Zoey showed Grandpa her knew bench and, of course, thanked him.

 Showing him that the back is a "choo choo," and telling him the animals.

Welcome to the family, Zoey Ann.

 Louis making the best of his city-home, backyard sticks.

 Zoey showing Mommy - what else? - a leaf.

 Off to show someone else....

 Us Sun Babies with our respective beverages.

 Nap time!

 Makin' a pass through the sprinkler solo.

Gonna go a second time! Love that tush!

My parents bunked with us for a night before going to Boston to visit Aaron, and some spots on the east coast, for a couple of weeks, which was a lot more fun than I had expected. We made yummy  food and provided the ultimate entertainment: dogs and Zoey. So they stayed with us again when they came back two weeks later.

 Bros. Homeboys.

 It's like you can read Durbin's mind: "What the fuuuuu are you doing?"

 It wasn't until this point we realized I was showing up in most of the pictures, collecting dog poop, wearing nothing more than a nighty, sweatshirt, and sneakers.

 Yup, that's a tree branch. And the point when Durbin decided Louis wasn't really that exciting.

Daddy decided to try on Zoey's hat.

 I told her to be a diva since she was acting like a diva. She obliged.

 Unfortunately, learning how not to blink during a picture is something you'll never learn.

 There we go!

 Playing nap time on the floor.

Ah man! Daddy snores, now Zoey! Mommy will never get any sleep!! ;-)
(Yes, I'm in my underwear. If you enjoy skeletons in their underwear, well, you're pretty sick. Also, even for a skeleton, the house is pretty freakin' hot!!)


 Of course, there is still work to be done, and one day Zoey wanted to wear Daddy's t-shirt.

I admit, I'm very behind and I'm beginning to lose track of what happened when. Thank God I have the pictures. *knock on wood* But aside from sweating all of the time, things are pretty normal. I am enjoying my new job very much, one of the best aspects being that I get to spend my lunch with Jacob three days out of the week. The other days he's part-time stay-at-home daddy. *swoon*

We're opting for a change of scenery in the next few days, heading to my parent's in Pinedale, Wyoming. I suppose you should anticipate some Pinedale stories; whoever thought they'd be able to say that?!

Aside from the fires, floods, and other signs of the apocalypse, this summer is shaping up to not half bad.