Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daddy's Day

A friend of mine recently enlightened me by updating her Facebook status (I mean, isn't that what it's really all about?) that any guy can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad (daddy). And it's true; slipping one past the goalie - by definition - makes you a father, but stepping up and raising (and *ahem* being attentive and willing to make pancakes at 2am during the pregnancy) makes you a daddy.

As we navigate this life-long thing of parenthood, I am more and more grateful that I chose to have a child/children with Jacob, that I held out for the good one. Everyone, of course, maintains they have the best husband, daddy, grandpa, uncle, Godfather ever, but if you're a dude who has stepped up to raise a child you're already on the Best Daddy Ever list. And - like Mommy's on Mother's Day - being a Daddy means being one on Father's Day, as Jacob learned right off the bat that Sunday morning, listening to him give an order, reprimand, and instruction to Zoey without taking a breath.

We celebrated Father's Day the Saturday before since Todd (Rachael's husband) works out of town during the week. We spent a normal weekend day at home, except this time I was exceptionally tired from working my first full-time week in almost a year. Yeah, I'm a big pussy, what can I say?

 We started off the morning with looking through pictures Jacob's dad had taken of Zoey. He came by the night before and dropped of a hard-drive that had every picture he'd ever taken of Zoey on it. It was such a trip to see her as a newborn again! Daddy doesn't look too freaked out, does he?

 Then all she had to do was open her eyes and she was instantly a Daddy's girl.

 On our way up to Grandma and Grandpa's munching on an [all-natural; sorry, gotta say it] Fruit Roll Up.

 Playing outside with Cousin Layne.

 My cool babies in their shades.

We didn't get to spend as much time as we would have liked since we put Zoey down for a nap beforehand and she wound up sleeping over 3 hours. Not that we were complaining, though, we got a nap in as well and that rarely ever happens. We had a nice dinner with everyone and Zoey was up way passed her bedtime; which means that - by Merlin's Law - she was up around 5:30am the next morning.

Although we had a nice celebration on Saturday, we still honored Father's Day on Sunday at home. Zoey and I got Jacob accoutrements to have a nice, relaxing Father's Day. 

Jacob's card, which perfectly describes him and perfectly represents my artistic ability; a good indication of what a hand-made card from me might have looked like.

Of course, if you're like most fathers, the last thing you want to do is just sit and relax..... Even still, we got him some South Park boxer shorts, Family Guy pajama pants, comfy "house shoes," (which I still maintain I didn't buy to replace the camo ones he bought on a solo shopping trip), and these:

Bob Marley - what Jacob calls - "4-wheel-drive" flip flops. He actually said, "I want to go 4-wheeling so I can get us stuck and get us out in my new 4-wheel-drive flip flops." (We didn't.)

 Zoey even borrowed some of Mommy's accessories and dressed up for the occassion.

 Then we went outside and Daddy earned some more Daddy-stripes.

 (P.S. Thank you, Cousin Layne!)

 During our time in the backyard, this little guy wiggled his way through the slats in the fence:

 Just a little guy, he couldn't have been more than a month old. It didn't dawn on us to close the door into the house, and he ran in, but stopped short, presumably when he caught a big whiff of dog-smell.

 Zoey had a great time with him, though, and he seemed to enjoy her; it seemed as if he wanted her to chase him around.

But we eventually had to send him back to wherever he came from, and we haven't seen him since; probably because the dogs came back from Camp Pinedale.
(He had a collar and some sort of charm on it, indicating he belonged to someone, not that we would have ever entertained the idea of keeping him)
In addition to being a father, Jacob had a very dude-oriented day. He washed the cars, rearranged all of the electronics so they are in the same area, played some video games, and watched a lot of BBC's Top Gear. He said he had a very good day. (And, of course, he got suckered into watching at least 2 episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba.)

Oh, and had a cocktail too. :-)

We had very Daddy-centered meals as well, Sonic for breakfast and Applebee's to-go for dinner. (Then, yes, we all had Daddy-worthy shits, too.)

Great fathers make the world go 'round; if not for my great father, and finding someone who would make a great father, I wouldn't have felt it was ok to contribute to the continuation of the species.

So, in honor of what this day should actually be called - Thanks, Dads!
(I know how you guys feel about too much "mushy crap." ;-))