Saturday, June 16, 2012

'Trippin' Through Wyoming

Which, less face it: as much as I love the west, the only way traveling through Wyoming is in any way interesting is if you're trippin'. Ok, the Tetons are pretty cool.

But when we drove into Wyoming last weekend, it wasn't the most interesting, but it was still kind of cool.

 Belfry, MT is bigger than most towns; it's one of the few with a sharp curve in the road.

 About 20 miles from the Wyoming/Montana border is a lot of wide open, grassy, sage-brush-y areas. This is around the entrance to the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway where we were the previous weekend.

 Something I took for granted until I moved to the East Coast; being able to see the road far ahead of you.

I forget which little Wyoming town this was.

 Entering bustling Meeteetse, Wyoming, one of the more populated and busy towns of Wyoming.

 The "main" street where most of the tourist-y restaurants and shops are. Well, there's about five establishments in all. Like I said, one of the more busy Wyoming towns.

 There are two lakes - or reclamation ponds, I haven't determined which - in Meeteetse and driving passed them always sort-of gives me the creeps; like the sky is always grey over these two "bodies" of water.

 Our doggies being doggies on the way to Thermopolis.

 From what I understand - Pre-Louis - Durbin was a relatively tame dog; more human than dog. He eats daintily and expresses so many human emotions it's not too far-fetched to take the idea of him being reincarnated as a human-being seriously (The Art of Racing in the Rain reference). With Louis thrust upon him, Durbin has begun to see the light in how fun it is to be a dog. And how "fun" it is getting nabbed by the dog-catcher, or nearly being kicked to death by calves, both of which Durbin lived vicariously through Louis. But he's picked up on the good stuff, sticking his nose out the car window, and digging through the trash can.

 Nearing Thermopolis, Wyoming

 Thermopolis is also more of a bustling town than you'll find in a lot of Wyoming; and even Montana, for that matter.

That giant red-rock mound has something along the lines of NATURAL HOT SPRINGS THIS WAY and a giant arrow printed in white rocks. Natural hot springs included, the town is pretty cool; it's seriously lacking in restaurants, bars, and liquor licenses, though. Definitely could use more of those.

It was our second-annual taking-of-the-dogs-to-my-parents'-house-in-Wyoming. Also known as Puppy Summer Camp. They came halfway from Pinedale, and we came halfway from Billings, and they'll bring them back when they fly out of Billings to visit my brother in Boston.

 The car was pretty empty (and quiet; we definitely did not miss the incessant crying every time we drove passed a cow) on the way home.

Or when we took the semi-long way and checked out Cooney Damn.

You're probably thinking to yourself, ok, where is their *real* child? We had asked Jacob's parents if they wanted to have Zoey for a weekend in order to celebrate our anniversary, but we couldn't find a good weekend until this one. So Jacob and I took the opportunity to have an adult weekend, drinking, eating crappy food, and sleeping until 9am. It was amazing, and a great way to end one chapter of our lives, and start another.

The Thursday before our Thermopolis weekend was my last day at the law firm. It was a good, ordinary day, that went by at it's usual pace. My coworkers did have cookies and ice cream in the conference room in my honor which was very sweet. And they gave me a really cute card.

Jacob and I really enjoyed our weekend out of town. The hot springs was amazingly relaxing even though you're only allowed to sit in there for 20 minutes. The night we arrived I had about 3 strawberry margaritas, then decided to run our dogs around the hotel property so they could have some exercise (dogs are very much welcome all over the town). Maybe it's because I'm knocking on 30 (or that I was stumble-running in my ballet flats) but the next morning I felt like I had broken my hip and it felt nearly impossible to climb the stairs. We drank, got drunk way too early in the day, ate what we wanted and didn't have to share, slept until mid-morning, told inappropriate stories with my parents, and sat in an adult-only natural hot-tub. It was great! I couldn't imagine a better way to kick off my new gig.

We do miss the dogs. Well, not so much anymore, now that we've discovered they chewed through one of the seat belts in the car. And sometimes I find myself forgetting that they exist. But I have to admit that I'm worried about them. Well, I'm worried about Louis. Every year he's been to Wyoming he's gotten into altercations with cows. So my mom is under strict instructions not to call me unless something happens, because if I see her name come up on my phone, I'll instantly start panicking. I had a long talk with Louis and informed him that he's 8-years old now, he's not as quick as he once was. I know, just what every guy wants to hear.

I know they're having fun, and being spoiled beyond an inch of their lives; just as it should be since a dog's life is entirely too short. The one thing to be said for Louis is that he definitely has lived his to the fullest; and those two cats he killed must have given him 18 of them.

Miss you, fur-babies!! There's food on the floor that needs to be cleaned up!