Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life, Or Something Like It

Yeah, I totally jacked that from a movie title. Don't hate.

But it's totally applicable since life as of late has been normal, with an overwhelming sense of relatively significant change. Last week, I started my last at the law firm; well, 3 days. I wasn't nervous or anxious as much as I was excited and looking forward to all of the aspects that came with starting this new job. But the one downside was a doozy: no more days home with Zoey, aside from the weekends. :-( *huge suppression of uncontrollable sobs*

I did not handle it well as the end of my maternity leave approached, and this feels much the same: heartbreaking. But what ultimately ends up overriding this is that - at this moment in our lives - I am doing what is best for our little family. And so is Jacob. Instead of going to part-time, he was able to work his schedule so that he'll still maintain full-time status, and we'd only have to put Zoey in daycare a schmidge more. Zoey loves her daycare, and it's good for her. She has friends and learns a lot, and I think that is super important. I was put in daycare (and hated it) and turned out perfect!

So I tried to make Zoey and I's remaining days of hanging out during the week as fun as we could muster.

 Zoey's favorite place in the whole world (besides the bathtub), is the "pwaygwound" around the corner from our house. When we leave she turns back every few steps to wave and call out, "bye pwaygwound! See you way-ter!"

 She'll spend the entire time on the swing....And hating every minute of it.

 The minute she starts to slow down the slightest bit she says, "Again! Again!" I taught her to straighten her legs when she does forward, and to bend her knees when she goes back, so we're laying the groundwork for pumping. :-)

 After awhile on the swings, she's more amenable to doing something else. Besides the swing, she likes to walk around and pick things up off the ground. She's very into nature and finds leaves, pine cones, sticks, and rocks incredibly fascinating.

 Also, she's obsessed with "bwowey fwowies" and will walk up to every type of flower and try to blow the petals off.

 Not satisfied until they're all gone!

 Showing me her pine cones, which she routinely gets mixed up with "popcorn." (the word, not the substance. God, wouldn't that be scary!!)

 Doing anything outside is not complete until we play in the dirt (and get told not to throw it half a dozen times).

 I believe I did the very same thing when I was little.....

 Getting ready to push her new friend, Pile of Pebbles, on the swing. We quickly learned that was not a good idea.

 She likes the jungle gym but seems to only do it for my benefit. And towards the end of Spring, helping her climb up to the slide came to and end. *sniff*

Workin' up the nerve.....

 And off she goes!

I also caved and got her way more chicken nuggets than she should have. It's just so cute when she gets all excited; it must be that it fits perfectly in her cute, little hands.

She's not eating chicken nuggets here, but a cute photo nonetheless. She loves her little chair and that it sits her perfectly at the table. In most cases, she won't take food from us unless we place it at her spot on the table. She actually says, "No; table!"

With my first full week at my new gig almost under my belt I can say that it has been.......stressful. With the usual stress of learning a new job and new people, I naively hadn't anticipated that that stress might transfer to home. I freaked out one evening because the kitchen was a mess, and the laundry desperately needed to be done. Why wasn't any of this done?! Oh yea, 'cause no one's home! :-(

As far as the new job is concerned, I couldn't be more pleased with my decision. The company is, in a word, amazing. The way they obviously value their staff in addition to their customers is something that seems to be unfortunately unheard of. The fact that no one (besides me and the other girl I'll be working with) has been there less than 5 years speaks volumes. It'll just be an adjustment for me, but not in a overly-negative way.

They say (who exactly is "they"??) the only thing you can count on staying consistent - never changing - are death and taxes.