Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summah Summah Summah TIME

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I noticed I don't write as much as I did last year. But then it was pointed out to me on two different occasions that I tend to be a bit long-winded so I guess it's worked out for everyone!

Awkward silence.....


Here's what's been happenin' with us since the middle of May.

First of all, we can't believe it's the end of May. It's still technically Spring, not that we've really had one, and this weekend it's supposed to get closer to winter. Maybe that's why we all got sick this last week.

After Mother's Day, Zoey had a fever and was feeling pretty awful. It passed after a day and a half and she visibly felt better, but she had congestion and runny nose. She may have been getting teeth (I noticed some fresh, pointy ones) or a bug, or both.

 For most of the day last Monday all she wanted to do was "snuggle" in Mommy and Daddy's bed.

 Morning...(as you can see from the breakfast buffet laid before her...)

 And in the afternoon.....

 She took a 2-hour nap and when I went to get her up she immediately asked to "snuggle." When I plopped her down she then said, "piwwow? Brobee." I proudly admit that the Spongebob Squarepants belongs to me, not Zoey. Jacob got him for me so I actually refer to him as "Jacob Squarepants." If you're thinking this all can't possibly be true, oh it is.

Then Daddy got congestion and had sinus issues. The fact that he hasn't been smoking cigarettes in awhile sure decreased the severity of his symptoms, and amped up his recovery time; just in time for me to catch something.

When she wasn't feeling well, she got up at 6am, something she only does when she's under the weather. So I brought her in to snuggle with us. I realize how slippery a slope this is, it took her a few nap-times to get over the idea that she could sleep in the big bed at her whim.

She had little bursts of energy and enthusiasm to play with something but it never lasted too long and she was back in snuggle-mode. Here she is thoroughly enthused with The Talk's segment on the new reality show Dogs in the City (or some such ridiculousness. It better help shelter dogs, that's all I'm sayin').

Otherwise, just business as usual at the McIntyre house. Daily routines usually consist of going outside, going to the playground, yelling at the dogs, watching Yo Gabba Gabba until I go insane, and playing with anything and everything.

 Just like me when I was little, she loves to put on both Mommy and Daddy's shoes and clomp around.

 I'll be honest, it's hard not to spoil her, especially since she's such a good baby to run errands with. I try to keep to stores where they have carts; she thoroughly enjoyed being packed in with the Costco groceries. She always has tons of fun wherever we go and loves to say hi to everyone. When the cashier hands me the receipts and says, "Thank you, have a good day," Zoey responds, "Thank you! Bye! See you way-ter!" It's because she's so good that I feel compelled to reward her with small things. Or big things, as in this case, the giant purple ball she asked for during one trek to Target.

Hiking through the patch of jungle in our embarrassing backyard. It's completely our fault, though, we let the grass get too long, basically forcing the dogs to cut paths around the yard.

Durby and Zoey sayin' hey.

(For anyone wondering, we've discontinued the use of her sunglasses. I'm sorry, she just started to look ridiculous.)

 Pretentious alert! Eating a croissant (which she pronounces quite clearly, and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mother) and watching a cartoon about super heroes who use books to solve problems.

 Workin' off that croissant with some Sit and be Fit.

 Jacob and I briefly toyed with the idea of cutting out our cell phones and putting in a land-line.
I know, right.
We still may cut back because the cost of having a smart phone is just ridiculous, or maybe I'm just doing it wrong, which is completely possible.
We thought it would be cool have an old-school rotary phone and Jacob's Grandparents just happened to have a few they brought down for us. Just like I thought phones were so cool when I was little (I used to tell my mom while shopping, "I'll be in the phone aisle"), Zoey thinks they're pretty cool.
This is a more modern phone but still has a rotary dialer. It's been pretty fun in teaching Zoey her numbers, she can count to 10, with or without the phone. No, seriously, she counts to 10. (Is that bad or good? I don't know.)

Everything is still the same with the dogs, they haven't gotten into anymore legal trouble (knock on wood). They have been booked for two fabulous weeks at Camp Pinedale with counselors Grandma and Grandpa so that is exciting. I thought I'd include a picture because I've recently been suspected of not loving them. Eh, it comes and goes...

 One day with Daddy, Zoey asked to watch Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue, and requested it on-repeat for the next 3 hours until bedtime. The next day, with me, she settled in early and we managed to log a total of 5 completions. Don't worry, it wasn't all watching. We'd play, clean, go outside, and just catch minutes here and there; still managed to wind up with the theme song stuck in my head by the time I went to bed, though.

Today was my day to feel lousy. I spent Sunday morning sick but it must have been because my stomach can't handle the slightest bit of mucous (sorry to be all TMI), because I developed real congestion and sinus pressure, especially behind my right eye. By the time I went to bed last night my eye was so swollen and red from itching and tearing I couldn't keep it open. This morning wasn't that much better but since I had to get the dogs food I decided to try one of those medicine teas (TheraFlu-type thing) and it definitely cleared me up and made me feel better.

 So today we just hung out..... :-)

 I found these - where else? - the dollar section at Target. She put them on and was insta-diva, shooing the dogs, and declaring, "for a bright, sunny day!"

Gettin' ready for some summah summah summah tIIIIIIIIMMMMMMEEEEE.