Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Spring/Summer is officially here, marked by our rampant absence from home, and/or incredibly busy weekends. I know as Zoey gets older, that will only get worse, at least until she can drive herself.

The great thing about our penchant for road-tripping is that we get to do something else we love: visit friends and see family.

Jacob's grandparents came back to town for a doctor's appointment the weekend of the 22nd, as well as to celebrate Jacob's parent's 33rd wedding anniversary. So we went to their house on Saturday and broke out the barbecued burgers and a plethora of other yummy goodness. In exchange for cupcakes and strawberries, I handed over a slab of my infamous Mountain Dew cake. The reviews haven't come in yet......But people have definitely been curious as to what it tastes like.

On Sunday we took an impromptu trip to Big Timber, Montana to visit our BFFs Matt and Chelsa, whom we hadn't seen since there mid-June nuptials almost a year ago. The weather was wonderful and everyone was available and up for a visit.

 The Crazy Mountains. Or, as they're also known under their original name, the Crazy Woman Mountains.

 Is this not a postcard for Visit Montana, or what?!

 Just getting into Big Timber, about an hour and a forty minutes from Billings.

Or as Matt calls is, Big Twig

Zoey fell asleep in the car, all of the complaining that she was "buckled up" wearing her out, so when we finally arrived at Matt and Chelsa's we napped in the car for a few minutes. Once that was out of the way, she was all spit and vinegar for the rest of the adventurous afternoon.

With Chelsa majoring in Accounting and Small Business Management, working as a Pharmacy Technician, raising 2 kids, and Matt working 2 jobs while enrolled in EMT training, we were lucky we just happened to stumble upon this day to hang out. And all of our busy schedules meant that we didn't really do much besides sit around and talk, eat pizza, introduce them to the Trailer Park Boys (which my parents also enjoyed, but that is a story for another time), and laugh at Zoey playing with Matt and Chelsa's ferret.

 Don't worry, she's eating an animal cracker. This is post some outside-exploring, as you can tell from her pink cheeks and the hat she refuses to wear except while inside.

 Zoey and "carret," going through her diaper bag.

 Zoey showing "carret" her Go Diego Go Click the Camera book.

 The "carret" was mostly interested in Zoey's "bankie." He did enjoy Zoey's company though, seemingly playing hide and seek with her in the laundry. Every time she'd find him and run away, he'd come out of the laundry then run back in. And all she had to do was shake a ball with a little bell inside and "carret" was at her command.

Initially, Zoey did not like that "carret" was interested in her "bankie." But then I told her, "he really likes your bankie," and she decided to let him have a corner to snuggle.

When "carret" had had enough and disappeared for awhile, Zoey turned to playing with her Uncle Matt.

 Zoey loves balls (yes, I realize how that sounds....) and she had never seen or played with a basketball before. She was thoroughly enchanted. She loved to try dribbling it when we took it outside (sorry, I know I mention outside a few times and have yet to post an outside picture. I forgot my camera inside and was too lazy and forgetful - ok, more lazy - to go get it.)

Yet another male wrapped around her little finger....

We stayed for a few hours but didn't want to take up their one and only day off together, so we drove home in the still bright blue skies and got home in time for dinner.

It was great to see our friends and family, and we're so grateful for the ones we have, near and far. We have both spanning from Florida to Washington DC; Washington and California, to Arizona, that's pretty freakin' awesome and we're very lucky. I see many more road-trips in our future.