Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Event-FULL Day

I was always one of those lame-brains who could never remember the difference between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Ok, I still am. But now I have reason to remember the biggest difference of all - that one is in September, and one is in May - because of Jacob and I's wedding anniversary. (No offense to everyone who is honored on these holidays. I mean no disrespect, I just really am that slow.)

But that wasn't all; May 29th also marked Louis' EIGHTH birthday, and the start of my last two weeks at the law firm.

In deciding our wedding date, Jacob and I went around the block and through the calendar. I had my heart set on June 20th because that was the day we re-connected (full story here). I don't think it landed on a Saturday, and I'm not one of those wackos who gets married on a Tuesday morning. Furthermore, June weddings are by-far the most popular, and every other bride-to-be had already booked 3 years in advance. We eventually settled on a date in August. Neither of us wanted a long engagement so August was as far as we were willing to go. And then about a month and a half after we got engaged we learned we were going have little Miss Zo (wear a condom the night you get engaged, people; that's all I'm sayin').

We didn't want to wait until after the baby was born to get married so we settled on May. In tossing around ideas, my brother told me he had tickets to a Screaming Weasels concert on the 14th so not to make it that day. The 22nd was booked so the 29th it was! And we realized later that that date was also Louis' birthday, and we'd always have a 3-day weekend in which to celebrate our anniversary; not that we've done anything close to that in the last 2 years.

We did have a very nice weekend together. Our actual anniversary fell on a Tuesday, which made it a little harder to celebrate. Jacob had to deal with stress at his work, and I was giving notice at mine (which is never a fun experience), so we did what any married-for-two-years-couple does: we took it out on each other. It's not the way anyone envisions spending a special day, but I'm sure we weren't the first couple, and I'm sure we won't be the last. In the end, though, we always know that we don't want to be with out each other, and we don't want to be with anyone else.

We watched our wedding DVD our BFF, Derek, made for us and drank some Moscato champagne Rachael accidentally left in our fridge. I'm not particularly fond of the fact that he made me look a bit more pregnant that I was.

We did do some celebrating. Jacob surprised me with flowers in a ceramic, eco-friendly go-cup and a gorgeous scarf.

In person, a conversation between you and I might go something like this: "Is that a Pashmina?!" "Why, yes; yes it is a Pashmina." "Ooooooo."

 We did celebrate the dogs, too, they each got a new toy and were minimally yelled at.

 Oh, he's just getting started.... "Thank you, Mama!"

We aren't exactly sure when Durbin was born, but we know him and Louis are the same age, so we celebrated both their birthdays. They both thoroughly enjoyed their presents, then fell asleep on the living room floor amongst their mess.

Giving notice at work was fine, as it generally is. The only unfortunate part is that given my schedule, my two-weeks will only amount to about 5 days. I was straight-up honest and told them I was really nervous, and they told me not to be and that everything was fine. My wonderful husband is taking over the part-time reigns (SO thankful ABC/FOX is so wonderfully flexible and understanding and appreciative of my husband!) while I take on the Administrative support and Office Manager-esque duties for engineers and community developers. It is definitely a change from working with legislators and lawyers, but that is what I'm excited about - doing new and different things, and hoping that it might just lead to my next big thing (maybe they'll want a representative to lobby the government *wink, wink*).

I'm trying hard to be ok with going back to work full-time. But definitely making it easier is Jacob being able to stay home with Zoey. It would be very hard on me if we had to put her in daycare full-time. At the same time, Zoey really enjoys her "play days," and has lots of friends. She learns a lot (she's coming around on the alphabet) and - in the words of my daycare lady - "she plays HARD." But Jacob and I are excited for this new opportunity; everything about it we see as a positive.

Today, everything is as it should be. The dog toys are destroyed, so there's no working on those anymore, and it's another day of keeping up with the Zo.